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11/05/08 The Record - McGrath Unseats Incumbent Supreme Court Judge Mike McGrath 11/04/08 Missoulian - McGrath Has Commanding Lead for Supreme Court Mike McGrath 10/14/08 Montana's News Station - MT Chief Justice Candidate Promises Transparency Mike McGrath 8/01/08 - Asarco Agrees to Cleanup Deal Mike McGrath 6/17/08 Helena independent Record - Judge: PPL Owes Rent Mike McGrath 5/15/08 Helenair - Web Site Seeks to Protect Kids From Online Predators Mike McGrath 4/06/08 Billings Gazette - "Gazette Opinion: Montana Campaigns Curb Meth's Toll" Mike McGrath 4/03/08 McGrath Urges Congress to Restore Drug Enforcement Funds Mike McGrath 2/25/08 The Missoulian - "McGrath's View On Gun Rights Was Always Clear" Mike McGrath 2/20/08 Billings Gazette - "U.S. Supreme Court Allows Mont. Lawsuit Against Wyo. To Proceed" Mike McGrath 2/12/08 Billings Gazette - "McGrath Backs Gun Rights in Supreme Court Case" Mike McGrath 1/28/08 Helena Independent Record - "Supreme Court Backlog" Mike McGrath 1/22/08 McGrath Files for Chief Justice Mike McGrath 1/17/08 Missoulian - "Report Outlines Hospitals' 'Charity Care'" Mike McGrath 10/24/07 Helena Independent Record - "Utility Agrees to Pay Rent on Riverbeds" Mike McGrath 4/27/07 Billings Gazette - "Attorney General Will Seek Chief Justice Post" Mike McGrath 1/24/07 MATR - "Meth Report Encouraging. Montana Is Making Significant Progress Against Methamphetamine" Mike McGrath 9/08/06 Billings Gazette - "Hunters Honor Attorney General" Mike McGrath 5/15/06 Remarks of Attorney General Mike McGrath at the Wheeler Conference: "Meth: What's Working? What's Next?" Mike McGrath 5/03/05 Billings Gazette - "Judge Tosses Challenge to Game Farm Initiative" Mike McGrath 4/23/05 Billings Gazette - "Attorney General Recounts Successes Vs. Meth" Mike McGrath 1/10/05 Billings Gazette - "McGrath Warns of Loss of Federal Drug-Fighting Money" Mike McGrath 10/19/04 Helena Independent Record - "McGrath Outlines Plans for Second Term as AG" Mike McGrath 12/29/03 Focus on Prevention of Child Abuse Needed Mike McGrath 10/08/03 Helena Independent Record - "McGrath: Meth ‘A Societal Problem'" Mike McGrath 1/23/02 Missoulian - "State Attorney General Optimistic Dam Will Be Removed" Mike McGrath News: Role of State Attorneys General in National Environmental Policy Mike McGrath A Note From Mike McGrath Mike McGrath News: McGrath Speaks About Montana's Natural Damage Litigation at Columbia Law School Mike McGrath 1/01/12 Issue Position: Judge Laurie McKinnon Discusses Montana Judicial Canons Laurie McKinnon Issue Position: Tribal Relations Mike McGrath Issue Position: Beth's Principles Beth Baker Issue Position: Victim Services Mike McGrath Issue Position: Montana Lands Mike McGrath Issue Position: Consumer Protection Mike McGrath Issue Position: Helping Montana's Businesses Mike McGrath Issue Position: Fighting Crime Mike McGrath

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