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11/05/08 The Clarion-Ledger - Appointed High Court Justice Wins by Wide Margin to Keep Seat Ann Lamar 11/04/08 Fox 40 "News" - Kitchens Too Hot for Smith, Wins Supreme Court Seat James Kitchens 9/09/08 Daily Times Leader - "Rising to the top, Lamar plans to stay there" Ann Lamar 9/05/08 Daily Times Leader - "Supreme Court Justice speaks to Rotary" Ann Lamar 7/31/08 Speech to the Neshoba County Fair James Kitchens 7/06/08 Do We Want Imperialistic Judges? James Kitchens 7/04/08 Happy Independence Day! James Kitchens 7/01/08 Thoughts from the Road James Kitchens 6/17/08 Washington County GOP backing Jim Smith? James Kitchens 6/11/08 Meridian Star - Chief Justice Speaks to Business-people in Meridian James Kitchens 6/11/08 Kitch Leads in Campaign Finance Reports James Kitchens 6/11/08 Smith Backing Off Appointing Judges? James Kitchens 6/11/08 This Race is About Experience and Issues James Kitchens 6/06/08 Is This Race Non-Partisan or What? James Kitchens 6/06/08 Justice Jim Smith Speaks James Kitchens 6/05/08 Down in the Big Easy James Kitchens 5/29/08 Feeling the Love from the Press James Kitchens 5/29/08 Kitch Visits the AFL-CIO Convention James Kitchens 5/29/08 Meridian Star - Kitchens Running on Judiciary Campaign Reform James Kitchens 5/28/08 The Newton Record - "Kitchens seeks support for high court race" James Kitchens 5/22/08 Kitch is in his Element Meeting People James Kitchens 5/21/08 Jim Kitchens: I'm Running to Protect the Integrity of our Courts James Kitchens 5/12/08 Jim Kitchens Says No to Appointed Judges James Kitchens 5/11/08 Limits For Others, Just Not for Smith James Kitchens 5/11/08 Happy Mother's Day James Kitchens 5/11/08 Kitch Out-Raises Smith with Small Donors James Kitchens 5/10/08 Clarion Ledger - "Supreme Court Races" James Kitchens 4/21/08 Jim Kitchens for MS Supreme Court James Kitchens Associate Justice: Ann Hannaford Lamar Ann Lamar About James Kitchens 5/01/08 Issue Position: Ensuring Equal Access to the Courts James Kitchens 5/01/08 Issue Position: Toughness, Fairness In the Courts James Kitchens 5/01/08 Issue Position: Protecting Your Right to Elect Judges James Kitchens 5/01/08 Issue Position: Upholding Strong Family Values James Kitchens

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