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5/01/17 Governor LePage Sues Attorney General for Abuse of Power Gov. Paul LePage 4/28/17 Governor LePage Signs Real ID, Maine Aims to Comply with Federal Law Gov. Paul LePage 4/20/17 Governor LePage releases statement on Maine's lowest unemployment rate since 1976 Gov. Paul LePage 4/19/17 LePage Administration Introduces Legislation to Reduce Barriers to Entry for Regulated Professions Gov. Paul LePage 3/30/17 Governor LePage Encourages Maine Legislature to Unite and Pass Real ID to Help All Mainers Gov. Paul LePage 3/24/17 Letter to the Honorable Mitch McConnell, Majority Leader of United States Senate, and the Honorable Paul D. Ryan, Speaker of United States House of Representatives - Vote on American Health Care Act Gov. Paul LePage 3/24/17 Governor LePage Calls Out Liberals for Falsely Attacking American Healthcare Act Gov. Paul LePage 3/22/17 Letter to the Honorable Susan Collins and the Honorable Angus King, United States Senate - The American Health Care Act Gov. Paul LePage 3/21/17 Radio Address: Market must drive energy costs, not handouts Gov. Paul LePage 3/17/17 New Federal Ruling May Provide Additional Benefits to Maine Veterans Gov. Paul LePage 2/28/17 Radio Address: Bad tax policy forces Maine families to flee to other states Gov. Paul LePage 2/21/17 Radio Address: PUC decision confirms ratepayers pay twice Gov. Paul LePage 2/15/17 Radio Address: Union lobbyist Ryan Tipping should resign his House seat Gov. Paul LePage 2/14/17 Governor Issues Emergency Declaration to Extend Hours of Service for Delivery Drivers Gov. Paul LePage 2/08/17 Governor LePage Praises Sappi $165M Investment, Encourages Lawmakers to Lower Energy Prices Gov. Paul LePage 1/31/17 Radio Address: Marijuana bill reveals politics at its worst Gov. Paul LePage 1/30/17 Governor Signs Executive Order Directing Rulemaking Authority for Marijuana Legalization to BABLO Gov. Paul LePage 1/25/17 Radio Address: Experts recognize that lowering taxes would make Maine more competitive Gov. Paul LePage 1/10/17 Radio Address: The Story You Will Not Hear in the Media about the Budget Gov. Paul LePage 1/04/17 Radio Address: We Must Support Innovative Approaches to Delivering Education in Maine Gov. Paul LePage 12/20/16 Governor Signs Order to Keep Oil Trucks on Road and Mainers Warm Gov. Paul LePage 12/13/16 Radio Address: Despite Democrats' Roadblock, Mental Health Unit will be Built Gov. Paul LePage 12/08/16 Radio Address: Respect the Will of the Voters, But Do No Harm Gov. Paul LePage 12/02/16 Revenue Committee Forecasts Strong Conclusion to State's Fiscal Year Gov. Paul LePage 11/30/16 Democratic Leaders Play Politics with Riverview Again Gov. Paul LePage 11/29/16 Radio Address: Stopping the Backroom Energy Deals in Augusta Gov. Paul LePage 11/11/16 Governor Issues Statement on Twin Rivers Announcement Gov. Paul LePage 11/09/16 Governor Issues Congratulatory Statement to President-Elect Donald J. Trump Gov. Paul LePage 11/07/16 Governor Issues Statement Urging College Students Who Vote to Establish Maine Residency Gov. Paul LePage 11/04/16 Maine Withdraws from Federal Refugee Program Gov. Paul LePage 11/03/16 Raising the Minimum Will Hurt 325,000 Mainers Gov. Paul LePage 10/25/16 Radio Address: Augusta Ignores Energy Prices -- And You Pay the Bill Gov. Paul LePage 10/18/16 Radio Address: Question 2: 3 Percent Tax for Education Gov. Paul LePage 10/18/16 Governor Raises Concern Over Land for Maine's Future Project Not Moving Forward Gov. Paul LePage 10/17/16 Governor Calls Attention to FBI Affidavit Describing Significant Welfare Fraud in Portland Gov. Paul LePage 10/14/16 LePage Administration Increases Efforts to Remove Political Signs Illegally Placed Within a Public Right-Of-Way Gov. Paul LePage 10/12/16 Radio Address: Question 1: Legalizing Marijuana Gov. Paul LePage 10/05/16 Governor LePage Receives Highest Marks Among Governors on Fiscal Report Card Gov. Paul LePage 10/05/16 Radio Address: Question 3 should be called the Gun Registry Bill Gov. Paul LePage 9/27/16 Radio Address: Ballot questions may run afoul of Maine Constitution Gov. Paul LePage 9/23/16 Governor Halts Maine Military Authority Contract Pending More Details Gov. Paul LePage 9/22/16 Radio Address: Government Officials Have a Responsibility to Learn about Mental Illness and the Programs that Work Gov. Paul LePage 9/20/16 Governor LePage Joins Coalition of States Challenging New Overtime Rule Gov. Paul LePage 9/14/16 Radio Address: If You See Something, Say Something Gov. Paul LePage 9/02/16 Governor LePage Urges Congress to Reduce Regulatory Burden on Maine's Small Hydropower Facilities Gov. Paul LePage 8/26/16 Statement of Governor LePage Gov. Paul LePage 8/23/16 Radio Address: Do not be Fooled by Another Referendum that Claims it will Solve Education Funding in Maine Gov. Paul LePage 8/17/16 Radio Address: Governor's Tax-Reform Proposals are Recognized as Some of the Best in the Country Gov. Paul LePage 8/16/16 Statement of Governor LePage on Importance of Enhancing U.S. Immigration Laws Gov. Paul LePage 8/15/16 Governor LePage's Economic Proposals Ranked Among Best in the Country Gov. Paul LePage 8/08/16 Radio Address: Bad Decisions in Augusta Result in High Electric Prices Gov. Paul LePage 8/03/16 Radio Address: An Open Letter to State Employees Gov. Paul LePage 7/27/16 Radio Address: Maine Education Association Puts Money Into Political Campaigns, Not Classrooms Gov. Paul LePage 7/20/16 Radio Address: It's Not Enough to Show Up to Vote, Mainers Must Understand What Their Vote Means Gov. Paul LePage 7/15/16 Governor Directs Flags to Half-Staff to Honor Victims of Terrorist Attack in Nice, France Gov. Paul LePage 7/15/16 Governor Directs Flags to Half-Staff to Honor Victims of Terrorist Attack in Nice, France Gov. Paul LePage 7/14/16 Governor Calls on Attorney General to Get Serious About Welfare Fraud Gov. Paul LePage 7/08/16 Governor LePage Statement on Dallas Ambush Gov. Paul LePage 7/06/16 Radio Address: Wording of Minimum Wage Ballot Question is Misleading Gov. Paul LePage 7/06/16 Radio Address: Wording of Minimum Wage Ballot Question is Misleading Gov. Paul LePage 6/30/16 Radio Address: Democrats' Reckless Spending Habits Put Programs and People at Risk Gov. Paul LePage 6/27/16 Governor Forced to Sign Executive Order to Pay for Legislature's Unfunded Bills Gov. Paul LePage 6/20/16 Governor Issues Executive Order to Identify Health and Environmental Risks Associated with Ethanol Use Gov. Paul LePage 6/17/16 Letter to The Honorable Mark Evans, Speaker of the House of Representatives, The Honorable Michael Thibodeau, President of the Maine State Senate - Calling for Special Session to Pay for Legislature's Unfunded Bills Gov. Paul LePage 6/08/16 Radio Address: Instead of Playing to the Media, NRCM Should Meet with Me to Create Jobs for Mainers Gov. Paul LePage 6/08/16 Letter to Waye Pacelle, President & CEO, The Humane Society of the United States - Questioning Tactics of Humane Society of the United States Gov. Paul LePage 6/07/16 Governor LePage and other New England Governors Lead Discussion on Opioid Abuse Gov. Paul LePage 6/02/16 Governor Addresses U.S. House Committee on Natural Resources Gov. Paul LePage 5/31/16 Radio Address: Ballot Questions Would Take Maine Backwards Gov. Paul LePage 5/20/16 Governor Directs Flags to be Lowered to Half-staff on Memorial Day Gov. Paul LePage 5/17/16 Radio Address: NRCM is Ignoring the Will of Rural Mainers Gov. Paul LePage 5/12/16 Does Angus King Support a National Monument Against the Will of Mainers? Gov. Paul LePage 5/11/16 Portland Press Herald Refuses to Print Facts About Warden Service Raid Gov. Paul LePage 5/10/16 Radio Address: It's Not About the Children, It's About the Union Gov. Paul LePage 5/04/16 Radio Address: Raising the Minimum Wage Results in Job Losses Gov. Paul LePage 4/27/16 Statement of Governor on Theodora J. Kalikow Education Center Dedication Ceremony Gov. Paul LePage 4/20/16 Radio Address: Solar Bill Adds to Burden on Maine Ratepayers Gov. Paul LePage 4/20/16 Radio Address: Solar Bill Adds to Burden on Maine Ratepayers Gov. Paul LePage 4/19/16 Governor LePage Signs Bill to Increase Wages for Law Enforcement Officers Gov. Paul LePage 4/19/16 Governor Signs Major Opioid Prescribing Reform Bill Gov. Paul LePage 4/19/16 Governor LePage Signs Bill to Create Treatment Beds for Addicts, Women Gov. Paul LePage 4/14/16 Governor's Statement on Signing Law to Support Children Involved in Court Cases Gov. Paul LePage 4/12/16 Radio Address: A Slap on the Wrist is Not Getting Tough on Drugs Gov. Paul LePage 4/05/16 Radio Address: Liberals are fixated on expensive solar energy Gov. Paul LePage 3/29/16 Radio Address: Reducing student debt and lowering the cost of education requires bold policy changes Gov. Paul LePage 3/22/16 Radio Address: Legislature needs to wake up and help create jobs Gov. Paul LePage 3/17/16 Governor Announces Bill and Executive Order to Promote Employment of Veterans Gov. Paul LePage 3/16/16 No More Spending, Protecting Financial Stability of State More Important, Governor LePage Says Gov. Paul LePage 3/16/16 No More Spending, Protecting Financial Stability of State More Important, Governor LePage Says Gov. Paul LePage 3/15/16 Radio Address: Maine Public Safety Officers Have Our Back and We Should Have Theirs Gov. Paul LePage 3/14/16 Governor's Statement on the Closure of Madison Paper Industries Gov. Paul LePage 3/14/16 Governor LePage Seeks to Adjust Salaries for Law Enforcement Officers Gov. Paul LePage 3/11/16 Tax Committee Votes to Kill the Death Tax Gov. Paul LePage 3/09/16 Governor LePage and Quebec Premier Couillard Announce Electric Vehicle Corridor Initiative Gov. Paul LePage 3/08/16 Radio Address: Elected Officials Must Listen to Mainers, Not Job-Killing Special Interests Gov. Paul LePage 3/01/16 Governor Will Not Support Tax Conformity Tied to More Spending Gov. Paul LePage 3/01/16 Radio Address: Increasing the Minimum Wage Could be Disastrous if Done Wrong Gov. Paul LePage 2/23/16 Radio Address: Democrats Must Stop the Spending Spree and be Fiscally Responsible Gov. Paul LePage 2/22/16 Governor Announces Proposal to Increase Budget Stabilization Fund Gov. Paul LePage 2/16/16 Radio Address: Democrats Should Stop Holding Tax Conformity for Ransom Gov. Paul LePage

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