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12/19/17 Governor LePage Issues Emergency Declaration Ensuring Heating Fuel Deliveries Continue Gov. Paul LePage 12/13/17 Radio Address: Funding Medicaid Expansion Requires Tough Choices to Avoid the Pitfalls of the Past Gov. Paul LePage 12/13/17 Governor LePage Thanks Veterans Administration for Improving Services for Maine's Veterans Gov. Paul LePage 12/11/17 Letter to the Hon. Sarah Sarah Gideon, Speaker of the House, the Hon. Ken Fredette, House Minority Leader, the Hon. Mike Thibodeau, President of the Senate, and the Hon. Troy Jackson, Senate Minority Leader - Governor LePage Sends Letter to Legislative Leadership Outlining Principles of Medicaid Expansion Gov. Paul LePage 12/07/17 Letter to the Hon. Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader and the Hon. Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House - Governor Chris Sununu Joint Letter on Tax Reform Gov. Paul LePage 12/06/17 Radio Address: Proponents of Medicaid Must Put Their Money Where Their Mouth Is Gov. Paul LePage 11/30/17 Governor LePage Submits Federal Disaster Relief Request for Storm Damage Gov. Paul LePage 11/29/17 Radio Address: Let's Make Sure Gun Control Laws Already on the Books are Working Gov. Paul LePage 11/08/17 Governor LePage Issues Statement on Medicaid Expansion Gov. Paul LePage 11/03/17 Letter to the 128th Legislature of the State of Maine - Statement upon Veto of L.D. 1650, "An Act to Amend the Marijuana Legalization Act' Gov. Paul LePage 10/27/17 Governor LePage issues statement about hospital CEOs pushing for Medicaid expansion Gov. Paul LePage 10/18/17 Joint Statement from Governor LePage and Maine Sheriffs' Association Gov. Paul LePage 10/18/17 Governor LePage Issues Statement on 2016 Crime Statistics Gov. Paul LePage 10/05/17 Letter to the Hon. Michael D. Thibodeau, President of the Senate - Governor LePage Sends Letter to Legislative Leadership Regarding Attorney General's Use of Settlement Funds Gov. Paul LePage 9/27/17 Governor LePage Issues Statement on the Collapse of Maine's Health Insurance Marketplace Gov. Paul LePage 9/26/17 Governor LePage Directs Sheriffs to Comply with ICE Illegal Alien Detention Requests Gov. Paul LePage 9/22/17 Governor Joins Vice President Mike Pence in Supporting More Healthcare Funding for Maine Gov. Paul LePage 9/19/17 Letter to the Hon. Mitch McConnell - Support for Graham-Cassidy-Heller-Johnson Gov. Paul LePage 9/13/17 Radio Address: Affordable Softwood Lumber Prices are Needed now more than ever Gov. Paul LePage 9/06/17 Radio Address: Join the Fight to Lower Taxes and Help Maine Families Prosper Gov. Paul LePage 8/30/17 Radio Address: Disasters Reveal the Compassion and Generosity of the American people Gov. Paul LePage 8/23/17 Radio Address: There's no excuse for violence from any side Gov. Paul LePage 8/16/17 Radio Address: Making promises is easy if you don't live in the real world Gov. Paul LePage 8/04/17 Governor Lepage Announces Maine's Participation in FirstNet Project Gov. Paul LePage 8/04/17 Governor Lepage Issues Statement About Former Senator Mitchell's Support of Medicaid Expansion Gov. Paul LePage 8/01/17 Radio Address: Maine's Senators Are Out of Touch on Obamacare Gov. Paul LePage 7/26/17 Radio Address: Now Is the Time to Invest in Maine's Future Gov. Paul LePage 7/12/17 Radio Address: You Cannot Put a Price on the Value of Life Gov. Paul LePage 7/04/17 Republicans Stand Strong, Eliminate Tax Increase from Budget; Government Shutdown Ends Gov. Paul LePage 7/02/17 Governor Takes Action to Give State Employees Monday Off With Pay Gov. Paul LePage 6/30/17 Governor Declares Civil Emergency Effective Midnight, Ensures Mainers Receive Benefits Gov. Paul LePage 6/29/17 Legislature's Failure to Act on Budget Forces Governor to Prepare Civil Preparedness Emergency Order Gov. Paul LePage 6/28/17 Governor LePage Supports Effort to Repeal and Replace ObamaCare Gov. Paul LePage 6/28/17 Governor LePage Answers Shutdown-Related Questions as Democrats Fail to Agree on Budget Gov. Paul LePage 6/27/17 Radio Address: a Shutdown Is Possible, and Democrats Will Need to Answer Why to the Maine People Gov. Paul LePage 6/27/17 Governor Calls on Democrats to Stop Holding the Budget Hostage Gov. Paul LePage 6/22/17 Statement of Governor LePage on Budget: Pass House Republican Compromise and I will Sign Gov. Paul LePage 6/08/17 Governor LePage issues statement about Riverview Psychiatric Center Gov. Paul LePage 5/16/17 Statement of Governor on Bill to Require Deposit on Nip Bottles Gov. Paul LePage 5/10/17 Governor LePage Issues Statement on Treasurer's Reissuance of Bond RFP Gov. Paul LePage 5/01/17 Governor LePage Sues Attorney General for Abuse of Power Gov. Paul LePage 4/28/17 Governor LePage Signs Real ID, Maine Aims to Comply with Federal Law Gov. Paul LePage 4/20/17 Governor LePage releases statement on Maine's lowest unemployment rate since 1976 Gov. Paul LePage 4/19/17 LePage Administration Introduces Legislation to Reduce Barriers to Entry for Regulated Professions Gov. Paul LePage 3/30/17 Governor LePage Encourages Maine Legislature to Unite and Pass Real ID to Help All Mainers Gov. Paul LePage 3/24/17 Governor LePage Calls Out Liberals for Falsely Attacking American Healthcare Act Gov. Paul LePage 3/24/17 Letter to the Honorable Mitch McConnell, Majority Leader of United States Senate, and the Honorable Paul D. Ryan, Speaker of United States House of Representatives - Vote on American Health Care Act Gov. Paul LePage 3/22/17 Letter to the Honorable Susan Collins and the Honorable Angus King, United States Senate - The American Health Care Act Gov. Paul LePage 3/21/17 Radio Address: Market must drive energy costs, not handouts Gov. Paul LePage 3/17/17 New Federal Ruling May Provide Additional Benefits to Maine Veterans Gov. Paul LePage 2/28/17 Radio Address: Bad tax policy forces Maine families to flee to other states Gov. Paul LePage 2/21/17 Radio Address: PUC decision confirms ratepayers pay twice Gov. Paul LePage 2/15/17 Radio Address: Union lobbyist Ryan Tipping should resign his House seat Gov. Paul LePage 2/14/17 Governor Issues Emergency Declaration to Extend Hours of Service for Delivery Drivers Gov. Paul LePage 2/09/17 Governor LePage Issues Statement about Ongoing Budget Gov. Paul LePage 2/08/17 Governor LePage Praises Sappi $165M Investment, Encourages Lawmakers to Lower Energy Prices Gov. Paul LePage 2/07/17 State of the State 2017 Gov. Paul LePage 1/31/17 Radio Address: Marijuana bill reveals politics at its worst Gov. Paul LePage 1/30/17 Governor Signs Executive Order Directing Rulemaking Authority for Marijuana Legalization to BABLO Gov. Paul LePage 1/25/17 Radio Address: Experts recognize that lowering taxes would make Maine more competitive Gov. Paul LePage 1/10/17 Radio Address: The Story You Will Not Hear in the Media about the Budget Gov. Paul LePage 1/04/17 Radio Address: We Must Support Innovative Approaches to Delivering Education in Maine Gov. Paul LePage 12/20/16 Governor Signs Order to Keep Oil Trucks on Road and Mainers Warm Gov. Paul LePage 12/13/16 Radio Address: Despite Democrats' Roadblock, Mental Health Unit will be Built Gov. Paul LePage 12/08/16 Radio Address: Respect the Will of the Voters, But Do No Harm Gov. Paul LePage 12/02/16 Revenue Committee Forecasts Strong Conclusion to State's Fiscal Year Gov. Paul LePage 11/30/16 Democratic Leaders Play Politics with Riverview Again Gov. Paul LePage 11/29/16 Radio Address: Stopping the Backroom Energy Deals in Augusta Gov. Paul LePage 11/11/16 Governor Issues Statement on Twin Rivers Announcement Gov. Paul LePage 11/09/16 Governor Issues Congratulatory Statement to President-Elect Donald J. Trump Gov. Paul LePage 11/07/16 Governor Issues Statement Urging College Students Who Vote to Establish Maine Residency Gov. Paul LePage 11/04/16 Maine Withdraws from Federal Refugee Program Gov. Paul LePage 11/03/16 Raising the Minimum Will Hurt 325,000 Mainers Gov. Paul LePage 10/25/16 Radio Address: Augusta Ignores Energy Prices -- And You Pay the Bill Gov. Paul LePage 10/18/16 Governor Raises Concern Over Land for Maine's Future Project Not Moving Forward Gov. Paul LePage 10/18/16 Radio Address: Question 2: 3 Percent Tax for Education Gov. Paul LePage 10/17/16 Governor Calls Attention to FBI Affidavit Describing Significant Welfare Fraud in Portland Gov. Paul LePage 10/14/16 LePage Administration Increases Efforts to Remove Political Signs Illegally Placed Within a Public Right-Of-Way Gov. Paul LePage 10/12/16 Radio Address: Question 1: Legalizing Marijuana Gov. Paul LePage 10/05/16 Governor LePage Receives Highest Marks Among Governors on Fiscal Report Card Gov. Paul LePage 10/05/16 Radio Address: Question 3 should be called the Gun Registry Bill Gov. Paul LePage 9/27/16 Radio Address: Ballot questions may run afoul of Maine Constitution Gov. Paul LePage 9/23/16 Governor Halts Maine Military Authority Contract Pending More Details Gov. Paul LePage 9/22/16 Radio Address: Government Officials Have a Responsibility to Learn about Mental Illness and the Programs that Work Gov. Paul LePage 9/20/16 Governor LePage Joins Coalition of States Challenging New Overtime Rule Gov. Paul LePage 9/14/16 Radio Address: If You See Something, Say Something Gov. Paul LePage 9/02/16 Governor LePage Urges Congress to Reduce Regulatory Burden on Maine's Small Hydropower Facilities Gov. Paul LePage 8/26/16 Statement of Governor LePage Gov. Paul LePage 8/23/16 Radio Address: Do not be Fooled by Another Referendum that Claims it will Solve Education Funding in Maine Gov. Paul LePage 8/17/16 Radio Address: Governor's Tax-Reform Proposals are Recognized as Some of the Best in the Country Gov. Paul LePage 8/16/16 Statement of Governor LePage on Importance of Enhancing U.S. Immigration Laws Gov. Paul LePage 8/15/16 Governor LePage's Economic Proposals Ranked Among Best in the Country Gov. Paul LePage 8/08/16 Radio Address: Bad Decisions in Augusta Result in High Electric Prices Gov. Paul LePage 8/03/16 Radio Address: An Open Letter to State Employees Gov. Paul LePage 7/27/16 Radio Address: Maine Education Association Puts Money Into Political Campaigns, Not Classrooms Gov. Paul LePage 7/20/16 Radio Address: It's Not Enough to Show Up to Vote, Mainers Must Understand What Their Vote Means Gov. Paul LePage 7/15/16 Governor Directs Flags to Half-Staff to Honor Victims of Terrorist Attack in Nice, France Gov. Paul LePage 7/15/16 Governor Directs Flags to Half-Staff to Honor Victims of Terrorist Attack in Nice, France Gov. Paul LePage 7/14/16 Governor Calls on Attorney General to Get Serious About Welfare Fraud Gov. Paul LePage 7/08/16 Governor LePage Statement on Dallas Ambush Gov. Paul LePage

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