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10/02/17 Governor Ducey Statement On Las Vegas Shooting Gov. Doug Ducey 9/20/17 Appointment Made To The Arizona Court Of Appeals, Division Two Gov. Doug Ducey 9/13/17 Arizona Disaster Response Efforts Continue Following Devastating Hurricanes Gov. Doug Ducey 8/09/17 Governor Ducey Extends Emergency Declaration For SR-88 Gov. Doug Ducey 8/04/17 Governor Ducey Activates Arizona National Guard To Respond To Santa Cruz Flooding Gov. Doug Ducey 8/01/17 Governor Ducey Requests Federal Loan Assistance Following Yavapai County Wildfire, Floods Gov. Doug Ducey 7/28/17 Governor Ducey Declares Emergency Following State Route 88 Flood Damage Gov. Doug Ducey 7/27/17 Governor Ducey Declares State of Emergency For Pipe Rupture In Santa Cruz County Gov. Doug Ducey 7/25/17 Walgreens To Bring Nearly 500 Jobs, Including 191 New Positions, To Chandler, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey 7/07/17 Governor Ducey Thanks Firefighters, First Responders For Ongoing Efforts​​ Gov. Doug Ducey 6/28/17 Goodwin Fire Update: Governor Ducey Declares State Of Emergency​ Gov. Doug Ducey 6/28/17 Statement From Governor Ducey On Goodwin Fire Gov. Doug Ducey 6/23/17 Calling For Additional Resources To Fight Wildfires, Declaring State Of Emergency Gov. Doug Ducey 6/13/17 Governor Ducey Issues Executive Order To Increase Reporting Of Opioid-Related Data Gov. Doug Ducey 6/07/17 Governor Ducey's Statement On Wrong-Way Driving Gov. Doug Ducey 6/05/17 Governor Ducey Declares Statewide Health Emergency In Opioid Epidemic Gov. Doug Ducey 5/26/17 Governor Ducey Statement In Honor of Memorial Day Gov. Doug Ducey 5/22/17 Governor Ducey Signs Legislation To Help Arizona's Most Vulnerable Gov. Doug Ducey 5/22/17 Governor Ducey Signs $1 Billion Bonding Plan For Higher Education Gov. Doug Ducey 5/19/17 Governor Ducey Signs Legislation Repealing Duplicative State Entities Gov. Doug Ducey 5/19/17 Governor Ducey Signs Legislation Updating Community Notification Requirements Gov. Doug Ducey 5/12/17 SIGNED: New Investments To Education And Most Vulnerable Gov. Doug Ducey 5/11/17 Governor Ducey Signs "Good Samaritan" Legislation Gov. Doug Ducey 5/08/17 Governor Ducey Signs Legislation Expanding Second Chance Program Gov. Doug Ducey 5/02/17 Stopping "Hostage Loads," Governor Ducey Signs Legislation Protecting Arizona Consumers Gov. Doug Ducey 5/02/17 AZ Reforms Teacher Certification, Empowering Principals​ Gov. Doug Ducey 5/01/17 Governor Ducey Signs Legislation Establishing Drug Overdose Review Team Gov. Doug Ducey 4/27/17 Governor Ducey Requests National Guard Unmanned Aerial Asset To Aid Sawmill Fire Response Gov. Doug Ducey 4/27/17 Governor Ducey Statement On Teen Texting Law Gov. Doug Ducey 4/18/17 Governor Ducey Signs Legislation Making It Easier To Prosecute Child Sex Traffickers Gov. Doug Ducey 4/17/17 Governor Ducey Signs Legislation In Support Of Law Enforcement Gov. Doug Ducey 4/13/17 Applauding The Introduction Of Bill To Combat Opioid Abuse Gov. Doug Ducey 4/12/17 Governor Ducey Signs Bipartisan Legislation Protecting Arizonans' Property Rights Gov. Doug Ducey 4/10/17 Governor Ducey Signs Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying Ban Into Law Gov. Doug Ducey 4/05/17 Governor Ducey Signs Bill Guaranteeing Right To Earn A Living Gov. Doug Ducey 4/04/17 Governor Ducey Signs Bill Expanding Substance Abuse Peer-Coaching Gov. Doug Ducey 3/30/17 Calling On Federal Government To Address Budget Crisis Gov. Doug Ducey 3/29/17 Governor Ducey Takes New Step Towards Reducing Licensing In Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey 3/21/17 Governor Ducey Signs Bill To Achieve Justice For Sexual Assault Victims Gov. Doug Ducey 3/21/17 Governor Ducey Signs Bill Reducing Duplicative Licensing Requirements For Veterans Gov. Doug Ducey 3/16/17 Arizona Department Of Child Safety Clears Inactive Case Backlog Gov. Doug Ducey 3/14/17 Arizona Capital Times - Article V resolution gives Arizona a seat at the table Gov. Doug Ducey 3/13/17 Governor Ducey Orders Flags at Half Staff for Fallen Navajo Nation Officer Gov. Doug Ducey 3/07/17 Governor Ducey Makes Judicial Appointment To The Pima County Superior Court Gov. Doug Ducey 3/03/17 "A Desert Covered In Shattered Glass Ceilings' Gov. Doug Ducey 2/21/17 Arizona Republic - Our Turn: Why Arizona needs to move out of the 9th Circuit Gov. Doug Ducey 2/15/17 CarePortal Expands To Maricopa County Gov. Doug Ducey 2/13/17 Governor Ducey Appoints Jessica Pacheco As Arizona-Mexico Commission President Gov. Doug Ducey 2/13/17 Governor Ducey Appoints Adam Driggs and Ronda Fisk To The Maricopa County Superior Court Gov. Doug Ducey 2/10/17 A Focus On Securing Our Border Gov. Doug Ducey 2/09/17 $3.6 Million In Grant Funding Available For High School Drug Prevention Gov. Doug Ducey 2/08/17 Statement By Governor Ducey On Intel Announcement Gov. Doug Ducey 2/02/17 Governor Ducey Appoints Beth Castro To The Arizona-Mexico Commission Gov. Doug Ducey 2/02/17 Flake, McCain, Ducey Renew Push to Break Up Overburdened 9th Circuit Gov. Doug Ducey 1/27/17 Arizona's Hotel Industry Growing Faster Than Its National Peers Gov. Doug Ducey 1/23/17 Governor Ducey's "Infant At Work" Program Expands To DES Gov. Doug Ducey 1/20/17 Statement On The Presidential Inauguration Gov. Doug Ducey 1/16/17 Honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. Gov. Doug Ducey 1/13/17 Governor Ducey Releases FY 2018 Executive Budget Gov. Doug Ducey 1/12/17 Governor Ducey's Statement On Officer Shooting In Tonopah Gov. Doug Ducey 1/09/17 Governor Ducey Announces RedTape.AZ.Gov Gov. Doug Ducey 1/09/17 Governor Ducey: Boost Teacher Pay Gov. Doug Ducey 1/09/17 Governor Ducey Announces Initiative For An "Arizona Teachers' Academy' Gov. Doug Ducey 1/09/17 Governor Ducey Addresses Opioid Addiction With New Executive Order, Letter To State Medical Board Gov. Doug Ducey 1/09/17 Letter to Ms. Patricia McSorley, Executive Director of Arizona Medical Board - Actions to Address Arizona Opioid Crisis Gov. Doug Ducey 1/09/17 Arizona State of the State 2017 Gov. Doug Ducey 1/09/17 Governor Ducey's FY 2018 Budget Will Fully Fund The Testing Of All Remaining Rape Kits Gov. Doug Ducey 1/09/17 Arizona Ideals Made Prop 123 A Reality Gov. Doug Ducey 12/29/16 Response To Recent National Monument Designations By President Obama Gov. Doug Ducey 12/22/16 Governor Ducey Tells Uber 'CA May Not Want You, But AZ Does' Gov. Doug Ducey 12/14/16 A Partnership To Streamline The Home Sharing Economy Gov. Doug Ducey 11/29/16 Lucid Motors Brings Electric Car Manufacturing To AZ Gov. Doug Ducey 11/21/16 Governor Ducey Signs Amended Tribal Gaming Compact Gov. Doug Ducey 11/18/16 Raytheon Plans Southern Arizona Expansion Gov. Doug Ducey 11/09/16 Governor Ducey's Statement On Election Results Gov. Doug Ducey 10/24/16 Curbing Opioid Addiction Through Executive Order Gov. Doug Ducey 10/24/16 Welcoming Caterpillar To Southern Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey 10/21/16 Governor Ducey Statement on Grand Canyon Watershed National Monument Gov. Doug Ducey 10/21/16 Listen To Arizona Before Declaring National Monument Gov. Doug Ducey 10/20/16 Court Mandates Recovery Plan For Mexican Wolf Gov. Doug Ducey 10/20/16 An Economy That Empowers Gov. Doug Ducey 10/19/16 Arizona Can Take The Lead On Cyber Security Gov. Doug Ducey 10/18/16 Arizona Department of Corrections Awarded Major Grants To Support Reentry Efforts, Reduce Recidivism Gov. Doug Ducey 10/17/16 Committed To Clearing Untested Rape Kit Backlog Gov. Doug Ducey 10/13/16 New Manufacturing Jobs Headed To Tucson Gov. Doug Ducey 10/06/16 Fire Departments Being Reimbursed In Record Time Gov. Doug Ducey 10/05/16 Arizona Teachers Inspire A Love Of Learning Gov. Doug Ducey 10/05/16 REMARKS: Governor Ducey Addresses The Canadian Club Of Toronto Gov. Doug Ducey 10/03/16 REMARKS: Governor Ducey Lights Arizona Purple Gov. Doug Ducey 9/30/16 First In The Nation: Arizona's Reforms To Medicaid Granted By Feds Gov. Doug Ducey 9/29/16 New Initiative Launches To Train Future School Leaders Gov. Doug Ducey 9/29/16 Flags Fly At Half-Staff To Honor The Life Of Shimon Peres Gov. Doug Ducey 9/28/16 Eliminating Economic Burdens For Families And Small Businesses Gov. Doug Ducey 9/28/16 Arizona State Parks Attendance And Revenue Hit All-Time High Gov. Doug Ducey 9/23/16 Arizona's Hunters and Anglers Contribute To Wildlife Conservation Gov. Doug Ducey 8/22/16 Governor Doug Ducey Announces 2016 Arizona Tax Recovery Program Gov. Doug Ducey 7/14/16 Governor Doug Ducey to Attend NGA Summer Meeting, Republican National Convention Gov. Doug Ducey 7/13/16 Governor Doug Ducey Makes Judicial Appointment to the Pinal County Superior Court Gov. Doug Ducey 7/13/16 Food Manufacturer SK Food Group Inc. Expanding Operations to Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey 7/12/16 Governor Doug Ducey Makes Judicial Appointment to the Pima County Superior Court Gov. Doug Ducey

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