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Kyl Introduces Southeast Arizona Land Exchange and Conservation Act

Location: Washington, DC

Kyl Introduces Southeast Arizona Land Exchange and Conservation Act
Legislation Secures Prime Environmental Assets

WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Senator Jon Kyl today introduced legislation providing for federal ownership and protection of thousands of environmentally sensitive acres in central and southeast Arizona in exchange for federal property located near the Town of Superior, Arizona, that will become one of the richest copper mining sites in the nation's history. The Southeast Arizona Land Exchange and Conservation Act of 2005 would convey 3,155 acres of federal lands to Resolution Copper Company and the Town of Superior in exchange for 4,814 acres owned or controlled by Resolution Copper. The 4,814 acre site is includes six distinctive and environmentally sensitive and biologically diverse parcels that the legislation would also provide protection and conservation for, as well as opportunities for improved public recreation and camping sites.

"This land exchange is a perfect example of how we can combine environmental protection with economic growth in a genuine win-win situation," Kyl said. "The lands identified are the result of extensive collaboration with Arizona's conservation organizations, and the exchange will ultimately result in the protection of some of the most environmentally sensitive land in the state - the gem of which is an area that spans 6.8 miles of lower San Pedro River. Meanwhile, thousands of good-paying jobs will be created in the area of Superior and surrounding communities."

Sen. John McCain, who co-sponsored the legislation, said: "This bill will yield significant economic and environmental benefits to all parties. I commend the collaborative and thoughtful approach employed by the Resolution Copper Company in developing the framework of this proposal. Through extensive engagement with all stakeholders and interests, they have presented a bounty of opportunities for land and water conservation, economic and community development, recreation, academic cooperation, and advancement of mining technology in Arizona."

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