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Gov. Rick Perry Signs Open Government Law

Location: Austin

Gov. Rick Perry Signs Open Government Law

Gov. Rick Perry has signed Senate Bill 286, which requires public officials - whether elected or appointed - to receive training on the requirements of the open meetings and public information laws.

"Senate Bill 286 is a good law that underscores the importance of open government," Perry said. "By requiring public officials at all levels of government to undergo training on the requirements of open meetings and public information laws, we are taking another step toward restoring public confidence that government is operating under the bright light of scrutiny."

The law, authored by Sen. Jeff Wentworth of San Antonio and sponsored by Rep. Todd Baxter of Austin, will take effect Jan. 1, 2006.

Other legislation that the governor has signed includes:

HB 503

* Relating to tuition and fee exemptions for certain military personnel and certain children of those personnel.
* Author: Guillen/et al., Sponsor: Fraser

HB 532

* Relating to certain investments by title insurance companies.
* Author: Howard, Sponsor: Janek

HB 564

* Relating to the creation of an additional county court at law in Williamson County.
* Author: Gattis, Sponsor: Ogden

HB 1025

* Relating to the powers and duties of the Texas Optometry Board and to contact lens prescriptions and the dispensing of contact lenses.
* Author: Solomons, Sponsor: Shapleigh

HCR 36

* Giving legislative authorization to a Vietnam War monument for the Capitol grounds, subject to state law and rules of the State Preservation Board.
* Author: Smith, Wayne/et al., Sponsor: Hinojosa

HCR 59

* Opposing the State Modernization and Regulatory Transparency (SMART) Act and any similar federal legislation that would interfere with the ability of state governments to regulate the business of insurance.
* Author: Eiland/et al., Sponsor: Averitt

HCR 102

* In memory of G. W. Worth, Jr., of San Antonio.
* Author: Menendez, Sponsor: Wentworth

HCR 145

* Honoring Sally Ann Reynolds, former director of the Legislative Reference Library for her remarkable career in state government.
* Author: Kuempel, Sponsor: Armbrister

HCR 156

* Commemorating Holocaust Remembrance Day on May 9, 2005.
* Author: Nixon/et al., Sponsor: Shapiro

HCR 161

* Congratulating the Paris Junior College men's basketball team for winning the 2005 National Junior College Athletic Association championship.
* Author: Homer, Sponsor: Eltife

HCR 162

* Honoring Bill Foy, head basketball coach at Paris Junior College, on his selection as the Junior College Coach of the Year by the National Association of Basketball Coaches.
* Author: Homer, Sponsor: Eltife

HCR 165

* Recognizing May 4, 2005, as Paris/Lamar County Day at the State Capitol.
* Author: Homer, Sponsor: Eltife

HCR 170

* Commending Randolph Robert Reed of Pearland for his completion of the BP MS150 Bike Ride.
* Author: Davis, John, Sponsor: Jackson, Mike

SB 99

* Relating to the extension of credit to a victim of and to insurance coverage for identity theft.
* Author: Ellis/et al., Sponsor: Giddings

SB 220

* Relating to the maintenance of records by a notary public.
* Author: Carona, Sponsor: Grusendorf

SB 272

* Relating to the creation of an oyster license moratorium program.
* Author: Williams/et al., Sponsor: Seaman

SB 350

* Relating to the establishment and use of a columbarium by a church in certain municipalities.
* Author: Lindsay, Sponsor: Woolley

SB 454

* Relating to commercial shrimp boat licenses and to the creation of a gulf shrimp license moratorium program.
* Author: Armbrister, Sponsor: Seaman

SB 489

* Relating to the license requirements of marine dealers, distributors, and manufacturers.
* Author: Estes, Sponsor: Geren

SB 552

* Relating to the creation of magistrates in Nolan County.
* Author: Duncan, Sponsor: Hartnett

SB 599

* Relating to the eligibility of a criminal defendant for release from jail after a delay in prosecution.
* Author: Staples, Sponsor: Gattis/et al.

SB 728

* Relating to the liability of certain entities that enter agreements with a metropolitan rapid transit authority.
* Author: Wentworth, Sponsor: Baxter

SB 879

* Relating to the regulation of firefighters and fire departments by the Texas Commission on Fire Protection.
* Author: Gallegos/et al., Sponsor: Menendez

SB 1000

* Relating to the regulation of the practice of nursing.
* Author: Madla, Sponsor: McReynolds

SB 1199

* Relating to the deposit of municipal sales and use taxes into a tax increment fund.
* Author: Ellis, Sponsor: Coleman

SB 1211

* Relating to providing information about respiratory syncytial virus under certain continuing education programs.
* Author: Deuell, Sponsor: Dukes

SB 1224

* Relating to a landowner's liability for injuries incurred during certain recreational activities.
* Author: Duncan, Sponsor: Rose

SB 1253

* Relating to measures to support efforts of municipalities and counties to recruit or retain special events.
* Author: Brimer/et al., Sponsor: Goodman

SB 1309

* Relating to member restrictions for commissioners of the Texas Workforce Commission.
* Author: Ellis, Sponsor: Miller

SB 1428

* Relating to the establishment of a statewide maintenance program for boll weevil and pink bollworm eradication.
* Author: Duncan/et al., Sponsor: Swinford

SB 1436

* Relating to audits of emergency services districts.
* Author: Madla, Sponsor: Hamric

SB 1464

* Relating to funds to be used for nuclear decommissioning purposes by electric utilities.
* Author: Van de Putte, Sponsor: Puente

SB 1593

* Relating to uniform law on documents of title.
* Author: Carona, Sponsor: Bailey

SB 1621

* Relating to the tax rate for emergency services districts located in certain populous counties.
* Author: Lindsay, Sponsor: Hamric

SCR 25

* Recognizing April 5, 2005, as Texas Medal of Arts Awards Day.
* Author: Shapiro, Sponsor: Hilderbran

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