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Proclamation - South Carolina State Employee Recognition Day

Location: Unknown

Governor's Proclamation

WHEREAS, South Carolina's state employees deliver services that enhance the lives
of the people of the Palmetto State; and

WHEREAS, South Carolina's state employees perform a variety of challenging and
important tasks, including preserving public safety and protecting the
health of our citizens, working to ensure clean air and water, caring for
crime victims and the economically-disadvantaged, rehabilitating and
counseling people in need, attracting and supporting commerce, building
and maintaining our highways, schools, and other infrastructure,
administering justice, protecting citizens' rights, inspecting our food,
licensing our cars, educating our children, and striving to advance
medicine, science, and technology for the benefit of our residents; and

WHEREAS, in challenging economic and budget times, these dedicated servant
leaders have assumed additional responsibilities and extra duties with
compassion, professionalism and a commitment to those they serve,
while continually seeking ways to cut costs and use taxpayer resources
wisely; and

WHEREAS, the 2005 observance of South Carolina State Employee Recognition Day
provides a special time to express our appreciation and gratitude to our
state employees for their hard work and dedication to our continued
well-being and quality of life.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Mark Sanford, Governor of the Great State of South Carolina,
do hereby proclaim May 4, 2005, as


throughout the state and encourage all South Carolinians to recognize state employees in
the Palmetto State for their hard work, sacrifices, and dedication to the people of South Carolina.

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