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Governor Delivers Tax Relief to Arizona Corporations

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Measure aimed at boosting high-wage jobs in Arizona

Governor Janet Napolitano today signed a measure that encourages new investment
in Arizona's economic infrastructure and creates a tax incentive for corporations to operate in the

House Bill 2139, known as the "sales factor" legislation, will ultimately create more high-tech,
knowledge-based jobs, the Governor said. It also keeps Arizona competitive with a growing
number of states providing similar incentives.

"The high-tech industry is the lifeblood of Arizona's economy," said Napolitano. "Earlier this
year, I made a commitment to bring more high-wage jobs to our state as we work to move
Arizona forward. This bill keeps Arizona in the forefront of attracting knowledge-based jobs."

The bill allows companies to use a new formula to calculate corporate income taxes once a
company, or groups of companies, invests $1 billion in Arizona. The new calculation represents
a corporate income tax cut for manufacturers who export goods from Arizona, which will
ultimately inject more dollars into state's economy.

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