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Statement by John Kerry on the 51st Anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education

Location: Washington, DC

Statement by John Kerry on the 51st Anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education

"Today we honor the legacy and renew the hopes of a Supreme Court decision that called on our country to make the ideal of equality a reality in deeds, not just words, for all Americans.

"America is a better place because of Brown vs. Board of Education. We're a stronger country because Thurgood Marshall fought for justice all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States. But we cannot delude ourselves into thinking that the work of Brown is done when there are those who seek to roll back equal opportunity and undermine the promise of our Constitution. We must reaffirm the values of inclusion, equality and diversity in our schools and our country. We must work together to turn back the creeping tide of division that Thurgood Marshall and so many others fought so hard against.

"We must open the doors of opportunity, lifting more of our people out of poverty, expanding the middle class, ensuring access to quality health care and bringing jobs, hope and opportunity to all of America. We can't just defend the progress that has been made; we also have to move the cause forward. This historic court decision began to tear down the walls of inequality. It's our responsibility to put up a ladder of opportunity for all."

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