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Rehberg Sees Need to Strengthen Immigration Policy, Border Security

Location: Washington, DC

Rehberg Sees Need to Strengthen Immigration Policy, Border Security
May 6, 2005

WASHINGTON, DC - Montana's Congressman, Denny Rehberg (R), says international terrorism and illegal drug smuggling are two reasons he's made tightening the nation's immigration policy a priority.

Rehberg, a member of the House Appropriations Committee, says his concern for strengthening immigration policy and Montana's border security also stems from the fact that terrorists and drug traffickers have been known to come into Mexico, from there into Canada, then entering the United States across the nation's northern border.
Rehberg statement:

"I've made immigration a priority because of two reasons. One-terrorism came to our shores, and much of it (illegal entry) is occurring along the southern border with Mexico. But the drug trade, as well, is coming in through the north, and what we're finding is there are people coming into Mexico, into Canada, and then into Montana, and they're bringing their drugs with them, and we can't have that in our schools and in our communities. So, from a terrorism perspective and the drug interdiction perspective, we've got to try and slow these borders down."

Rehberg voted in favor of, and the House of Representatives passed, tighter border security and immigration legislation in February. This week the House voted to adopt a supplemental conference report that includes the tougher security provisions, and will likely be approved by the Senate next week.

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