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Ryan Reintroduces Legislation to Overhaul Congress' Budget Process

Location: Washington, DC

Ryan Reintroduces Legislation to Overhaul Congress' Budget Process
May 11, 2005

Bill Would Make Budget Enforceable, Rein in Pork-Barrel Spending

WASHINGTON - Wisconsin's First District Congressman Paul Ryan reintroduced legislation today, together with several House colleagues, that would overhaul the federal government's budget process to make it easier to rein in excess spending, help enforce budget restraints, and improve the government's accounting practices. This legislation - the Family Budget Protection Act - is very similar to a measure they introduced last year that encountered opposition from the House Appropriations Committee, which is in charge of all annual spending bills.

"We must fix our broken budget process and give Congress better tools to enforce the budget and keep spending in check," Ryan said. "In the current system, there's a bias toward spending which makes it an uphill climb for lawmakers who fight for fiscal discipline. Our legislation puts teeth in the budget process to help Congress rein in spending and stop pork barrel politics. This is essential if we are to meet key challenges ahead, such as the retirement of the baby boom generation."


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