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Social Security Crisis

Location: Washington, DC

SOCIAL SECURITY CRISIS -- (House of Representatives - May 11, 2005)

(Mr. CANTOR asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 minute and to revise and extend his remarks.)

Mr. CANTOR. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to discuss the crisis in Social Security. The current system in place is based on demographics in America that are reflective of 1935, not 2005.

Currently, 45 percent of senior citizens rely on Social Security as their sole source of income. We, in this House, will not let them down. We also cannot lose sight of our goal, though, to preserve Social Security for our children and our grandchildren.

Our goal in this Congress, as leaders, is to help real people, not engage in political posturing. It is our duty as public servants to ensure a strong and solvent program. For today's seniors and those nearing retirement, the system should not change. But we owe those younger workers across America and our future generations more than just a stopgap fix. We owe them the best system that we can provide to suit their needs in their golden years.

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