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Simpson Introduces Legislation to Extend the National Hire Veterans Committee

Location: Washington, DC

Simpson Introduces Legislation to Extend the National Hire Veterans Committee

Washington, D.C. - Congressman Mike Simpson introduced H.R. 419, the National Hire Veterans Act 2005, today to extend the National Hire Veterans Committee which is set to expire December 31, 2005.

In the 107th Congress, President Bush signed into law Simpson's bill titled Jobs for Veterans Act. This legislation established the President's National Hire Veterans Committee (NHVC) with a mission to reach out to employers and make them fully aware of the skills and attributes veterans offer to the civilian workforce. Simpson's new legislation will provide a 3-year extension to the committee.

"Hiring former servicemembers is good for the business, it's good for veterans, and it's good for America," said Simpson. "As we fight the war on terrorism, America's sons and daughters continue selflessly to volunteer for military service and then join the civilian workforce better prepared to make a significant contribution to our private economy."

Since its genesis in 2003, the President's National Hire Veterans Committee has initiated a nationwide marketing campaign which has brought more employers seeking veterans to the Department of Labor's One-Stop Career Centers. The NHVC also:

* Launched a sophisticated website, that helps employers and veterans while embracing the existing workforce development systems.
* Initiated a unique advertising campaign to attract human resource specialists, business executives, and public sector employers.
* Helped local and statewide initiatives to support jobs for veterans. NHVC worked with the governors of many states, including Idaho, to declare Hire Vets First months.

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