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Location: Washington, DC


    Mr. McCONNELL. For the information of all Senators, tomorrow morning, following a period of morning business, the Senate will resume consideration of S. 14, the Energy Bill. Under a previous consent, at 11 the Senate will proceed to executive session and debate the nomination of Richard C. Wesley to be a U.S. circuit judge. The Senate will vote on the Wesley nomination at 11:15 tomorrow morning. Following that vote, the Senate will return to the Energy Bill.

    There are currently two amendments relating to derivatives pending to that bill. It is my hope that if we cannot work out an agreement with respect to these amendments, we will be able to set the amendments aside and proceed with other energy-related amendments. We have made pretty good progress on the Energy Bill over the past week. We should continue to address and dispose of as many amendments as possible. Therefore, Senators should expect rollcall votes throughout the day tomorrow in relation to amendments to that bill.

    I also inform all of my colleagues that we anticipate locking in a final list of amendments to the Energy Bill during tomorrow's session.

    In addition to considering amendments to the Energy Bill, it remains my hope that we will be able to take up and pass the Burma sanctions bill tomorrow. We should have done it today. Hopefully we can do it tomorrow. There is currently, as the Senator from Nevada and I have discussed, difficulty in clearing that with Senator Baucus, and hopefully that will be cleared up by tomorrow.

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