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Pearce Announces Support of Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act

Location: Washington, DC

Pearce Announces Support of Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act

Washington, Apr 26 - New Mexico Congressman Steve Pearce announced Tuesday that he is co-sponsoring H.R. 748, the Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act. It is scheduled for a vote in the House of Representatives on Wednesday.

"I am proud to be co-sponsoring this bill," Pearce said in Washington. "In order to protect the welfare of minor girls and the rights of parents, Congress has a duty to regulate this."

"It is critical that Congress pass this law. The right of parents to protect the health and welfare of their daughters needs to be protected. No one should be able to circumvent state laws by performing an abortion in another state on a minor without parental consent," Pearce said.

Pearce emphasized, "H.R. 748 fully recognizes the legal rights of persons who are not parents but who hold the legal authority of parents under state law, including legal guardians and legal custodians. H.R. 748 also contains an exception that would apply to a rare case, should it ever occur, in which a girl's life is endangered and an abortion is necessary to prevent her death."

"However," Pearce continued, "minors in many cases have genuine serious physical health problems, which is all the more reason that a parent should be involved. Only the parent is likely to know the child's full medical history, and it is likely to be a parent who must recognize and respond to an infection or other complications of an abortion-complications that a parent might well overlook if he or she does not even know that an abortion has occurred."

H.R. 748 also incorporates the provisions of the "Child Custody Protection Act," a bill originally proposed in 1998, under which it would be a federal offense to transport a minor across state lines for an abortion without fulfilling the requirements of a parental notification law in effect in the home state.

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