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Republican Budget Draws Berkley Opposition

Location: Washington, DC

Republican Budget Draws Berkley Opposition

Spending Blueprint Shortchanges Education, Vets, Law Enforcement, Transportation Needs

(April 28, 2005 -- Washington, D.C.) U.S. Representative Shelley Berkley (D-NV) today opposed a 2006 budget proposal that slashes Medicaid, raids Social Security and shortchanges education, health care for veterans, grants for first responders and transportation needs.

"While Nevada struggles to find the resources to make up for federal cutbacks, this budget axes $10 billion in Medicaid funding, shortchanges our students and veterans, and spends every single penny of the Social Security surplus. This bill is neither fair nor fiscally sound and it will be Nevada families, our veterans and seniors on Medicare will feel the effects of this heartless budget," said Rep. Berkley.

"This is a spending plan that fails to provide enough money for veterans' programs to keep pace with inflation over the next five years, despite the return of troops from Iraq and Afghanistan who will look to VA for services. Nevada's hospitals, nursing homes, and community health centers depend on Medicaid funding that will be slashed under the GOP's budget. Medicaid pays for 65 percent of Nevada's certified nursing home residents and I am fearful of what will happen if these men and women are left to pay the cost of their own long-term care when federal resources run short," Berkley said.


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