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Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act

Location: Washington, DC

CHILD INTERSTATE ABORTION NOTIFICATION ACT -- (House of Representatives - April 27, 2005)


Mr. SMITH of New Jersey. Mr. Chairman, I thank the distinguished chairman for yielding me this time, and I wand to commend him and the gentlewoman from Florida (Ms. ROS-LEHTINEN) and the gentleman from Ohio (Mr. Chabot) for their outstanding work that they have done, and many others, on this very important legislation to protect life-especially the lives of underage teenagers.

Mr. Chairman, abortion mills in my home State of New Jersey go so far as to buy ads, especially in the yellow pages, to promote abortion for minors residing in Pennsylvania, where parental consent is required for abortion, to come to my State, where no parental involvement of any kind is needed. The marketing of teenage abortions in this way, Mr. Chairman, or in any way, for that matter, is morally indefensible. The abortion industry's engraved invitation to vulnerable young girls to procure a secret abortion means it becomes more likely and that more abortions will indeed occur. That means, Mr. Chairman, more dead babies; that means more wounded moms.

Earlier in this debate, the gentlewoman from California (Mrs. Capps) suggested that the Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act somehow constituted an "abandonment" of minor girls. Well, I thought I had heard just about everything one could hear in my 25 years in Congress during abortion debates, but to call a bill designed to protect vulnerable teenagers from abuse by abortion mills and those who would facilitate that abuse "abandonment", is deeply and profoundly troubling. I respectfully submit that enabling secret abortions by underage teenagers without parental knowledge or consent is, in and of itself, abandonment. To abandon is to forsake, to desert, to give up on. Why abandon a 14-year-old or a 15-year-old or a 16-year-old to an abortion mill where she could be severely hurt and where the baby will be killed? Moreover, Mr. Chairman, abortion itself, by definition, is an act of abandonment of a baby.

Let us not kid ourselves. Abortion mills do not nurture, they do not heal, they do not cure disease; unless you construe pregnancy to be a disease, and some abortionists do, including Dr. Willard Cates, who used to be the head of the CDC Abortion Surveillance Unit and gave a 1976 speech before Planned Parenthood, titled "Pregnancy: The Second Most Prevalent Sexually Transmitted Disease After Gonorrhea." But if you do not see pregnancy as a disease and the child a tumor or wart, then we are talking about abandonment.

Abortion clinics are in the business, and a Member just a few moments ago talked about abortion mills as small business. It is not just small business; this is big business, and abortionists make millions of dollars plying their lethal trade. But they are in the business, I say to my colleagues, of dismembering the fragile bodies of unborn children with sharp knives and hideous suction machines that are 25 to 30 times more powerful than a vacuum cleaner used at home. This is not healing, this is killing, and it is abandonment.

I say to my colleagues, no wonder 3 out of 4 Americans strongly support parental notification laws. This bill ensures that those State laws are not violated and young girls and young women are protected from abuse and abandonment.


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