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Kline, Colleagues Pass Energy Policy Act

Location: Washington, DC

Kline, Colleagues Pass Energy Policy Act
Legislation Ensures Secure, Stable Source of Energy

WASHINGTON - April 21, 2005 - Congressman John Kline (R-MN) today joined colleagues to pass the Energy Policy Act, legislation which decreases America's historically high dependence on foreign oil; promotes a cleaner environment; and increases energy conservation.

Following two days of debate, the legislation passed the House of Representatives by a wide bipartisan margin of 249-183. Highlights of the bill include:

- Reducing America's dependence on foreign oil by allowing new domestic oil and gas exploration and development, and authorizing expansion of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve's capacity;

- Promoting the production of renewable and alternative fuels such as wind, solar, and biomass;

- Alleviating soaring prices for clean natural gas by breaking the bureaucratic logjam that has stymied work on approximately 40 liquefied natural gas (LNG) facilities nationwide; and

- Increasing conservation efforts by instituting mandatory efficiency requirements for federal buildings, and efficiency standards and product labeling for battery chargers, commercial refrigerators, freezers, unit heaters, and other household products.

"The Energy Policy Act establishes a comprehensive energy policy which is the product of substantive, bipartisan debate," said Kline. "As with any collaboration, it is not perfect, but it makes great strides toward providing the energy stability and security America needs.

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