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Hutto Marks the 49th Anniversary of Medicare, Slams Graham's Support for the Ryan Budget


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Today marks the 49th anniversary of Medicare. Over the years, Medicare has helped millions of older Americans stay healthy, pay for medical procedures and give people the peace of mind they deserve.

State Senator Brad Hutto who is the Democratic nominee for US Senate against Lindsey Graham made the following statement:

"Medicare has been an unquestioned success in this country. Millions of seniors depend on it for their daily needs. Simply put, it works. Lindsey Graham and other Washington DC insiders want to destroy it and go back to the days when older Americans were left to fend for themselves. As a member of the United States Senate, I'll fight hard to protect and strengthen Medicare and ensure that senior citizens always have the care they need."

On March 13, 2013 Graham voted for the Ryan budget which would have effectively ended Medicare as we know it.

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