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Do Your Job

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. DEUTCH. Mr. Speaker, thanks to the GOP majority, our immigration system is still broken, offshore tax loopholes are still open, criminals can still buy guns on the Internet, and corporations can still pay workers poverty wages.

When you have no record to run on, when you have destroyed what little faith Americans have left for this institution, what do you do? You sue the President for doing his job, when the problem is that you refuse to do your own.

Mr. Speaker, the GOP is guilty of recklessly abandoning 3.5 million job seekers who need unemployment insurance to feed their families, guilty of putting gun industry interests ahead of public safety, and guilty of willfully neglecting the priorities of the American people.

Mr. Speaker, in the condominiums of south Florida, my constituents sometimes turn to Yiddish to find the perfect word. They have a message for the GOP majority: Stop this mishegas--craziness--and do your jobs.

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