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GOP Press Conference: Solutions to Empower

Press Conference

Location: Unknown

Chair McMorris Rodgers, Remarks as Prepared for Delivery:
"Good morning! I'm excited to be here today to highlight our solutions to empower all Americans -- men and women -- both at work and at home. As a wife, as the mom of three, and as a Member of Congress: I am proud to celebrate the tremendously positive impact women have on this economy. But let me start by talking about why our solutions are important for all Americans, especially women.

"In the last several decades, the single greatest change in our workforce has been the addition of women. These bills -- all of them -- reflect the dynamics of a changing, 21st-century workforce. Today women make up nearly half the workforce -- and more than half of them are the primary income earners in their families. Women manage 83% of the household income. And they start 2 out of 3 new businesses. Our workforce has changed. Our laws should change with them.

"House Republicans have been working for a long time to advance these solutions -- for the single mom trying to find a job; for the college student who can't afford her tuition; for those trying to increase their take-home pay so they can support their families. Women have transformed America -- as moms, as business owners, as care-givers, as entrepreneurs. We are working for them. We are listening to them. And we are championing them."

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