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ICYMI: Inhofe Joins Daily Rundown to Discuss President Obama's DACA Policy

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), ranking member of the Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC), today joined MSNBC's The Daily Rundown with Chuck Todd to discuss the situation of unaccompanied alien children (UAC) being housed at Fort Sill in Oklahoma. Inhofe highlighted President Obama's deferred action for childhood arrivals (DACA) program as the driving factor behind the significant influx of UAC that crossed the border illegally in the past two years.

Inhofe called on President Obama to issue a forward and direct warning to those in Central America that the United States will not grant amnesty to those coming into the country illegally or tolerate dangerous child-trafficking. Inhofe said, "Until the President reverses this decision and makes some sort of comment [like] 'you don't want to take the risk of crossing all the way through Mexico, risking your lives to come to this country -- and when you come here you've got to obey the law or we are not going to let you in..' That would stop it. That would stop it, Chuck."

In 2012, President Obama announced the DACA program, which allows certain illegal immigrants who came to the United States as children to request deferred prosecutorial action for a period of two years, which can be renewed. Those who qualify will be safe from deportation, eligible to obtain work authorization, and eligible to receive a social security number as well as a driver's license in nearly every state. On Wednesday, Inhofe cosponsored legislation introduced by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) that would prevent taxpayer dollars from being used to expand President Obama's DACA policy and from continuing to grant amnesty or process work permits for illegal immigrants.

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