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MSNBC "The Ed Show" - Transcript: Ukraine


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For more let me bring in Congressman Jim McDermontt of Washington, congressman good to have you with us tonight.


SCHULTZ: What would lifting this crude export ban accomplish if we`re to follow what to some Republicans are talking about right now on the talking heads. Where would it leave us?

MCDERMOTT: Well, Ed you got to remember this is the war party you talking. They took every opportunity to go to war. They did one in the Afghanistan, they did one in Iraq, they`re try to get us in to Syria, they trying to get us into Iran and now this one comes and they want us to be arming the Ukrainians and getting started up a war in that area.

Lifting the band on oil exports is just a -- they`re lucky. They are using this as a way -- that`s been on the shelf. They`ve wanted to do it for a long time -- some of them. And they have been waiting for a chance and now they say, "Well, this we`ll do it. If we take the -- if we`ve put our oil on the market, suddenly the Russians won`t have any were to sellers". But they`re making deals with the Chinese. They`re selling it all over the world.

So, this is not something that`s going to be good for us or the environment but you really have to ask yourself is, "Do you really believe that the oil price at the pump will go down if we suddenly start selling our oil across the world and don`t keep at your home and produce our own?" There`s no question that this is for the oil companies to make more money.

SCHULTZ: Your response to the rhetoric from Senators McCain and also Lindsey Graham -- the kind of things that they are saying, the President`s coward just across the board going after every move and not even giving the sanctions a chance to operate.

MCDERMOTT: I remember George Bush saying, we`re going to go into Afghanistan and grab Abaya`s (ph) hair and drag him out and there was a lot of loud war talk. And what happened is we`re still very 13 years later and we still we haven`t solve the job.

The President is showing statesmanship and he is showing reserve and thoughtfulness. He`s what we really needed in a leader in 2011.A long time ago or 2001 -- I mean, we really needed him them but instead we had a wild war party and away they went. He is keeping us out. We`ve got all kinds of cross-currents, you know, with Russia. We need Russian to help us deal with the Iranians to get that Iranian nuclear situation itself.

We need them to help us in the Syrian, the whole question of how we do with Syria. We can`t be just going in there calling people names and running around breaking out the furniture.

SCHULTZ: Well, you know, this Rightist, they think that we should be arming the Ukrainian army. Would not spiral out of control?

MCDERMOTT: That is -- that you`re absolutely right. My feeling is that throwing more arms in on one side simply says to the Russians, we`ll is guess we`re going to have to arm the separatists some more so we can ever real full-fledged war in Iran -- Ukraine without any of us having to pay a price.

SCHULTZ: What`s your.

MCDERMOTT: We`ll just sell arms, that`s all we`ll do.

SCHULTZ: I mean, is this a positive sign that Russian billionaires are speaking to the international media being concern about their profits and they`re maneuverability in the financial worlds and also the economy for the Russians? I mean, they don`t want to band economy.


SCHULTZ: I mean, is this really going to have an impact?

MCDERMOTT: The President has got hid hand on their pocket and they know it and they don`t like it and they`re going to tell Putin scale those thing down. That`s why today, he announced that those separatist were going to let the Dutch investigators that they were going to let the bodies be taken and treated appropriately and take at home to answer the.

SCHULTZ: So you think the financial guys are going to tell Putin to back

MCDERMOTT: Absolutely.


MCDERMOTT: There is no way that they`re going to let him roar around to start another war.

SCHULTZ: All right. Congressman Jim McDermott, great to have you with us tonight, sir. Thank you so much.


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