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Hutto Easily Wins Democratic Primary for US Senate

Press Release

Location: Unknown

State Senator Brad Hutto handily won the Democratic nomination for US Senate tonight, defeating his opponent with over 70% percent of the vote. Hutto, while addressing a crowded room of supporters in Columbia earlier this evening, took the fight to incumbent Lindsey Graham whom he will face in the November general election.

"Rather than appearing on the Sunday talk shows and manufacturing stunts to make the national news, I believe the people back home should be the highest priority for a Senator representing South Carolina," Hutto said. "I'll stand up to the party bosses and special interest groups that control Washington politicians like Lindsey Graham. I'll be an independent fighter for South Carolina," he added.

Hutto said that Graham spends too much time in the Washington D.C. bubble and not enough time working for his home state. "He cares more about foreign affairs than about South Carolina. We all see him on talk shows every Sunday pretending to be the junior Secretary of State. He's always talking about anything but us."

Hutto said that Graham's firm belief that the United States should act as the world's policeman is wrong. "It's time for our allies abroad to take more responsibility for their own security," he said. Instead, Hutto said he would focus on job creation, public education, and infrastructure.

Hutto concluded his remarks by talking about his experiences working on his family farm as a child. "I grew up on a dairy farm in Orangeburg County. On that farm I learned the value of hard work, family, and community. I know how great the people of South Carolina really are. It would be nice if Lindsey Graham would leave Washington and come home long enough to meet them. Maybe he'll have time for that after we win in November."

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