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Issue Position: Infrastructure

Issue Position

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I believe in nation-building here at home. For Long Island, this means providing more funding for repairing the roads, bridges and tunnels that we depend on so much in the course of our daily lives.

But we need to do more to move Long Island into the 21st Century and make it a hub for job growth and innovation. We have the framework: an excellent school system headlined by top universities such as SUNY StonyBrook and Hofstra University, a well-educated population, world-class facilities such as Brookhaven National Laboratory, and elements of an integrated road and railroad network. We just need visionaries and bold leadership to help get us there.

I strongly support building a bridge or a tunnel that would connect Long Island with Connecticut. While some of the possible plans are unfeasible and would disrupt our
communities using eminent domain, the Shoreham-New Haven proposal is ideal: it would be centrally located on the Island, William Floyd Parkway is already there to expand on, and would not use eminent domain. However, the defunct Shoreham nuclear power plant is on the proposed site, and would need to be dismantled before construction begins.If built, the Cross-Sound link would create countless jobs and provide a huge economic boost.

I also support high speed rail nationwide, and integrating it on the Amtrak Northeast corridor but also on any proposed cross-Sound link would be extremely beneficial as well.

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