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Issue Position: Labor

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

As a former union member, I firmly believe that unions are the bedrock of the middle class and a vital part of the economy. I will stand against any attempts to undermine the rights to organize and collectively bargain.

I oppose right to work laws that allow for free-riding on union contracts without paying an agency fee for representation. I believe that the Supreme Court made the wrong decision
in Harris v. Quinn by allowing partial public employees to not pay an agency fee while still being covered under the union contract.

My opponent, despite his claims to the contrary, is not a friend of labor. He has a 39% lifetime voting score from the AFL-CIO.

If elected, I will fight for the rights of workers and work to pass legislation, like the proposed Employee Free Choice Act, that would make it easier for workers to organize and impose tougher penalties on employers trying to prevent workers from exercising their rights. I also embrace ideas to keep labor innovative in the 21st century, such as workers councils that have worked well in Europe, and worker cooperatives that have succeeded in places like Ohio.

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