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Issue Position: Trade

Issue Position

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Free trade has caused large job losses from outsourcing and massive trade deficits. It has contributed to income inequality, and the decline of unions and the middle class.

My opponent, Peter King, has voted for practically every free trade agreement under the sun, starting with NAFTA and continuing on today with his support for fast-tracking the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). NAFTA has already cost us over a million jobs. We have lost almost three million jobs as a result of normalizing trade relations with China. The most recent free trade agreement, KORUS with South Korea, has cost roughly 60,000 in only three years. And the TPP stands to be even worse. One report from the Center for Economic and Policy Research estimated that the TPP would lower pay for 90% of Americans.

I support renegotiating existing free trade agreements to make them fair for us, while fighting against proposed free trade agreements like the TPP. Tariffs should be put on countries that we have high trade deficits with and engage in unfair trading practices like currency manipulation. We need fair trade agreements that protect jobs here at home while promoting democracy and strong, enforceable labor and environmental standards abroad.

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