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Public Statements

Remarks by the President at the Embassy of the Netherlands


Location: Washington, DC

Q Mr. President, do you have any message for the Dutch people?

THE PRESIDENT: Obviously, we're all heartbroken by what's happened. And this is an opportunity for me to extend on behalf of all the American people our deepest condolences over the loss of family and friends; to express our solidarity with the people of the Netherlands, with whom we've been friends and had the deepest ties for centuries; and to assure the Dutch people that we will work with them to make sure that loved ones are recovered, that a proper investigation is conducted, and that ultimately justice is done.

DEPUTY CHIEF OF MISSION MR. MOLLEMA: And we thank the President for being here. There's been an outpouring of support from the American people, and I can only say that on behalf of the Dutch people, we're deeply grateful. Thank you very much.

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