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Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2005

Location: Washington, DC



Mr. KERRY. Mr. President, earlier this week I was proud to submit into the RECORD several e-mails from the more than 2,000 I had received from military families around the country. These e-mails detailed the proud service that America's military families make every day. The e-mails are full of their pride and understanding of service. And I know my colleagues join me in expressing our thanks to them for all they do.

I submitted these e-mails because they put a human face on the sacrifices we speak about so often. I have come to learn that one of the stories relayed to me about a Home Depot employee does not reflect Home Depot's policies. In fact, Home Depot is a strong supporter of its mobilized employees. The company was recognized last year by the Department of Defense for its support to service members, including a program to give hiring preferences to injured service members who want to work for the company. Its ``Project Home Front'' contributed tools and volunteers to help military spouses make home repairs while their loved ones were deployed. And, as a model for others to emulate, Home Depot makes up any salary lost by mobilized employees. I am happy to set the record straight on the contributions Home Depot makes to the brave Americans who work for it and serve in the National Guard and Reserves. I regret the unfortunate oversight and thank Home Depot for their support of America's military.

The stories we received are snapshots of what service means to families across this great land. America's military families are partners in the defense of this country and we have to listen to them. Taking care of their needs is not sentimentalism it's a practical investment in our national security. Given the millions spent to recruit and train the men and women of the United States military, our modest investment in military families is a smart way to retain the force.

I thank my colleagues for their continued interest and support on these issues, and I thank Home Depot for its support of America's heroes.


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