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Happy 4th of July!


Location: Unknown

Today is America's 238th birthday. It's Independence Day. And I'm more proud than ever to be an American.

I'm thankful to live in a place where success can be achieved through hard-work and ingenuity; where almost anyone can take a risk and find reward.

I'm so grateful for the men and women in uniform serving in our armed forces and protecting our continued freedom and independence. As a Navy Veteran, I know what their sacrifice means.

I'm also proud to live in a nation where you can determine your own destiny; where no one's bound to one ideology or religion. My life has been filled with times where I have set out on my own, where I avoided the road of least resistance and found success.

When I was serving as a police officer and wanted to start a business, I was told "don't rock the boat, don't take the risk" but I knew I could build something for myself and my family.

Then, when I decided to run for state House in 2006, I was told I stood no chance--no way I could win. But when I introduced myself to my constituents, talked to them one-on-one, told them my story and how I would fight for them in the House, we defied all the critics and found victory. Same story in 2012 when I successfully ran for state Senate.

Even in the state legislature, people said, "Don't bother trying to work across the aisle. Stick to the talking points and saber-rattling." But I knew that the opposition wasn't the enemy; it was inaction. It's not always easy and it's not always popular, but working across the aisle for the ultimate betterment of Oklahoma is something I'm proud of.

Today, I still hear the critics who don't believe in our campaign for Congress. But I know I'm the right person for the job. The only person who places people before ideology. And as has been my experience throughout life, I know with your help, we'll be successful in our runoff election on Tuesday, August 26 and again in the general election on Tuesday, November 4.

Happy Independence Day,


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