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Daines Among DC Politicians Denying Women the Right to Access Birth Control

Press Release

Location: Billings, MT

U.S. Senator John Walsh says the handful of Washington politicians who blocked a bill to overturn the dangerous Hobby Lobby are continuing a disturbing trend led by Congressman Steve Daines to deny women the right to access birth control and make their own health care decisions.

Despite a majority vote, a handful of Senators stopped the bill, cosponsored by Walsh, from moving forward.

"It's utterly disappointing that in 2014, we have to fight to protect freedom to something as basic as birth control, and it's just as disturbing that a handful of Washington politicians in the Senate would deny women and families a fair vote in the Senate. The Hobby Lobby decision has set a threatening precedent and puts our freedoms at risk. We will continue to fight to bring this legislation to the floor and undo the dangerous implications of the Supreme Court ruling."

Walsh noted that Congressman Steve Daines would go even farther than the Supreme Court by outlawing forms of birth control for all women. Daines also opposes choice in cases of rape and incest.

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