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Daines Okays Corporate Tax Shelters on Same Day Walsh

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

The same day that U.S. Senate candidate John Walsh introduced legislation to reward companies that bring jobs back to America, Congressman Steve Daines voted against an amendment that would prevent companies shipping jobs overseas from getting federal contracts.

Daines is building on his record of shipping jobs overseas -- which began at Procter & Gamble where he helped pioneer outsourcing. While at P&G, he opened the company's factories in China while it closed American plants and eliminated more than 3,000 US jobs. In Congress, Daines has actively voted to give bigger tax breaks to companies that outsource.

While Daines supports tax loopholes for corporations that ship jobs overseas, Walsh's legislation would close those loopholes and extend tax credits to those companies that return jobs back to America.

"It's time we put American workers first and stop rewarding companies who outsource our much-needed jobs," said Walsh. "We need to invest in the companies that create jobs here at home, not the corporations who move their operations overseas and take valuable American jobs with them."

"Now more than ever, America needs good-paying, family-sustaining jobs," said Emil Ramirez, Director of the United Steelworkers District that includes Montana. "Unlike Steve Daines, John Walsh will fight for the American worker and do all he can in the U.S. Senate to keep companies from sending our jobs overseas."

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