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Governor Christie: You Get Criticized No Matter What, So Just Do Your Job


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Senate President Sweeney: An empty oil field that's going to be a port and putting so many people to work gives you such a sense of fulfillment. But it couldn't happen if we didn't have a partnership here, so I want to thank the Governor for his willingness not to walk away from Paulsboro, but to invest in Paulsboro because investing in Paulsboro is investing in the people of the state of New Jersey. Governor, thank you.

Governor Christie: You get folks all the time who say they want bipartisanship, they say they want us to work together, they say they're tired of some of the stuff that's happening in Washington D.C. when you see folks who are unwilling to work across the aisle and work with each other. And then there are times when we work with each other and they criticize us for that too, because then when we work with each other there is somehow something underhanded or difficult about that. You know the fact of the matter is we've been elected here to do jobs and our job is to make sure that that happens each and every day. My commitment to the people of the state is going to be to continue to work with all of the elected officials throughout this state and with the private sector to try continue to make economic growth and development a priority in this state because that means jobs for our people and good evenings and days for our families. So we will continue to work together to do that. I thank all the folks who are here today for helping to make this happen and I look forward to even more announcements in this region as we move forward to show that economic development can happen for each and every part of the state because we have talented people in our state who are ready to work, want to work, and we are going to help put them to work in the private sector.

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