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Gov. Perry Announces TV Ad Campaign To Promote Texas' Job Climate

Location: Austin, TX

Gov. Perry Announces TV Ad Campaign To Promote Texas' Job Climate

Gov. Rick Perry today announced the launch of a television ad campaign, "Moving to Texas," promoting Texas as the ideal location for growing and expanding businesses. The ad campaign, which is funded through private donations, continues Texas' aggressive efforts to bring new jobs to the state.

"Texas has developed a tremendous record in recent years when it comes to attracting employers and creating jobs. To keep the economic momentum going, we must be aggressive in our efforts to tell the Texas story to employers in other states looking for a place to grow and succeed," Perry said. "The best long-term solution to meeting our state's budgetary needs is through the creation of new jobs."

The "Moving to Texas" campaign ads will air on FOX News, CNBC, MSNBC, Golf, Home and Garden and CNN cable networks and ABC from April 11 - 23. The ads will air in Washington, D.C.; Sacramento and San Jose, Calif., and Detroit. Late last year, Texas placed billboards and other outdoor advertisements in key cities outside the state promoting Texas business opportunities, and sent direct mail pieces to 3,500 leading CEO's and site selectors nationwide.

The ads focus on Texas winning the coveted 2004 Governor's Cup award for the largest number of job creation announcements in the country and its selection as the state with the best business climate in the nation. Both awards were given by Site Selection magazine, the premier business publication on job creation.

"I believe that when employers in other states are given the opportunity to examine the Texas record for themselves, they will see that you couldn't pick a better state to run a business," Perry said. "We are getting the word out, promoting Texas and ensuring we do all we can to support our residents through job creation."

Perry stated that these ads are yet another tool for Texas to compete in the market of economic development. Paired with the success of the Texas Enterprise Fund and the award of the coveted Governor's Cup, Texas has become a powerful force on the business front.

"When we take progressive steps to secure new businesses for Texas, we also ensure new jobs for Texans," Perry said. "These ads are letting employers all over the nation know that Texas is wide open for business and job creation."

Funds for the ad campaign were provided by the Texas Economic Development Corporation's TexasOne, a 501C-3 organization that raises funds to help promote business opportunities in Texas. The two-week buy includes 95 spots per week on cable television in select markets and 15 spots per week on ABC in Washington, D.C. Total costs for the ad campaign are about $123,808, including production and air time.

The ad can be viewed at
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