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Gov. Perry Welcomes Home 1st Battalion, 23rd Marines from Iraq

Location: Austin, TX

Gov. Perry Welcomes Home 1st Battalion, 23rd Marines from Iraq

Praises Marines for Their Bravery in Spreading Freedom

Gov. Rick Perry today welcomed home members of the of the 1st Battalion 23rd Marines and thanked them on behalf of all Texans for their sacrifice and service in Iraq.

"This is a great day of joy and celebration, not just for Marines returning to Texas soil, but for wives and husbands, sons and daughters, family members and friends who sacrificed much in their own right and who have prayed day and night for your safe return," Perry said.

Perry also was on hand to wish the soldiers godspeed 10 months ago when they left Texas for their tour of duty in Iraq.

Perry praised the men and women for their efforts in liberating the Iraqi people and noted that freedom has a new foothold, not just in the institutions of the emerging Iraqi government but in the very souls of the Iraqi people.

"This nation honors every Marine, every soldier, every sailor and every airman who has served in Iraq," Perry said. "Each has paid a great price, including the wounded who will forever bear the scars of freedom."

Perry also honored those who have paid the ultimate price for freedom by laying down their lives for their country.

"We are proud of your service, proud to be called your countrymen and we will be thankful every day that the flag of freedom flies over this great land," he said.

"When your nation called, you were faithful. Marines always are. Semper FI."

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