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LI - NY CD-2: Patricia Maher hits Peter King on Anti-Senior Votes in Congress

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Patricia Maher, who is running for Congress against Peter King in the 2nd District, criticized her opponent's "abysmal" anti-senior voting record. She pointed to the 20% voting score he recently received in a report from the Alliance for Retirement Americans (ARA), a non-partisan senior citizen and retiree advocacy organization. Lifetime, King holds a 16% voting score from the group.

The ARA based their scores on ten votes in 2013 that pertained to senior issues. The report showed that King voted to privatize Medicare, cut SNAP benefits, refused to repeal cuts to other senior benefit programs, and came out against a proposed pro-retiree budget. Overall, in 2013 King voted against senior citizens 8 out of 10 times, resulting in a 20% score from the ARA.

"Don't let him fool you: Peter King claims that he wants to preserve Social Security and Medicare, but in reality nothing could be further from the truth," stated Maher. "In 2005, King wanted to privatize Social Security, which not only would have resulted in much higher overhead costs for seniors, but also would have decimated any semblance of retirement security when the market crashed in 2008. The recession would have been far worse and a lot more people would have been struggling if Social Security was privatized".

Maher also added that "every year since 2011, King voted for the Paul Ryan budget, which would have privatized Medicare and cut Social Security benefits. His votes have been votes to reduce senior benefits while increasing their out-of-pocket expenses."

"If elected to Congress, I will fight on behalf of seniors to expand Social Security and will stand against privatizing Medicare and cutting other senior benefits. These earned benefit programs are financially sound, are efficient, and are effective. Unlike my opponent, I believe that retirement security is of paramount importance and must be protected," said Maher.

For the New York State ARA Report, CLICK HERE.

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