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So, That's a No Then?

Press Release

Location: Carbondale, IL

Yesterday, Mike Bost publicly called on first-term Congressman Bill Enyart to agree to a series of public debates -- one in each county that encompasses Illinois' 12th Congressional District, beginning in July when Congress isn't scheduled to be in session.

Congressman Enyart's office finally responded, sort of, by giving a non-response to the actual questions asked saying it preferred several, large venue debates. The Enyart campaign's vague response does not give much hope for debates to begin in July nor having one in every county.

"The issues facing our country are too important for voters not to have a venue in their own county to hear the candidates," said Mike Bost. "Bill Enyart's lack of interest in holding debates is an outrageous abdication of responsibility on his part -- clearly demonstrating he isn't the solution to Washington's problems, he's a part of the problem. In his view, Bill Enyart knows best, not the people. It's that type of thinking that gives Congress a well-deserved approval rating of 13% right now."

In the letter, dated June 17th, Bost proposed the first debate take place either on July 18 or July 21 when Congress is not scheduled to be in session followed by the remaining eleven continuing into August and ending in October. Each debate should allow a public audience to be present and have the opportunity to ask and submit questions to the candidates.

These are two simple questions that require a "yes" or a "no" but why is Congressman Enyart finding it so difficult to be direct with his constituents?

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