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Charleston Daily Mail - Vice Presidential Nominee to Campaign for Capito

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Location: Unknown

By: Whitney Burdette

Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., and 2012 vice presidential nominee, will join Rep. Shelley Moore Capito, R-W.Va., and candidate for U.S. Senate, for a campaign event in Charleston next week.

Ryan and Capito will meet with local residents, business owners and job seekers for a conversation about "overcoming President Obama's job-killing policies and getting West Virginians to work."

Capito said the biggest issue facing West Virginians in the upcoming election is jobs. The two members of Congress will talk about fiscal responsibility, job growth and economic opportunity.

"We will discuss the importance of an energy policy that employs West Virginia and stops President Obama's war on coal," Capito said. "We will discuss creating an environment for job creation through lower taxes, common sense regulations and less debt, and we will discuss putting a stop to the pessimism and lack of growth that has resulted from Obama's presidency. I am thrilled to have Congressman Ryan join us for a conversation about protecting our way of life and getting West Virginia back to work."

Ryan was on a Republican presidential ticket that carried every West Virginia county in the 2012 election. His visit is on the same day Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., will be in West Virginia to campaign with the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate, Natalie Tennant.

"Few states have been hit harder by President Obama's devastating policies than West Virginia, but Shelley Moore Capito has been right there on the front lines fighting back," Ryan said. "She has put forward solutions in the House to create jobs and to create a better West Virginia for hard working taxpayers. She is dedicated to her state and to the people she represents, and I can tell you no one will fight harder for West Virginia in the Senate than Shelley Moore Capito."

The Tennant campaign announced last month Warren would join the current West Virginia secretary of state Monday in the Eastern Panhandle, where Tennant will present an education plan. Warren is known in the Senate for her ardent support of student loan reform.

Tennant campaign spokeswoman Jennifer Donohue noted Capito voted several times for the budget crafted by Ryan, which would have altered Medicaid and cut other social programs.

"Its' clear Congresswoman Capito will stop at nothing to protect tax cuts for millionaires like herself, but actually bringing the mastermind behind her push to turn Medicare into a voucher program to West Virginia is a new low that shows just how out of touch she is with the seniors and working families of this state," Donohue said.

But Amy Graham, Capito campaign spokeswoman, said Capito does care about those programs while Warren's visit to West Virginia shows Tennant is in line with the unpopular President Obama.

"Shelley Moore Capito cares very much about ensuring that we support critical programs like Medicare and Social Security for our seniors while finding a way to ensure the viability of these programs for future generations," Graham said. "Paul Ryan and Elizabeth Warren campaigning in West Virginia on the same day presents a very telling contrast between the vision each candidate has for the state. While Shelley will build on her pro-jobs, pro-growth record of working for West Virginia, Natalie Tennant will merely double down on her support of President Obama, Elizabeth Warren, Harry Reid and their anti-coal, anti-West Virginia agenda."

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