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Governor Christie: Be Vigilant And Be Safe


Location: Unknown

Governor Christie: Recreational boating has becoming one of the most popular summer activities that people can engage in. And with that growing popularity comes an even greater personable responsibility on the part of boat operators and the need to ensure that proper safety measures are in place to prevent accidents out on the water. Boating is about enjoying the summer and relaxing with your family and friends, absolutely, but it also comes with a responsibility to the people that your with and the other people on the water, to be vigilant, to be responsible, and to be safe. And to stop accidents from happening to begin with. The fact is that these boating related accidents happen and they sometimes end in tragedy. I want to recognize Bonnie Post for being here today. She's been the force behind getting this law passed because she unfortunately has experienced tragedy firsthand. In 2008, she lost her husband after a hit and run boating collision on the Metedeconk River in Brick and she still bears scars from her own injuries that were inflicted that day. Bonnie thank you for being here, thank you for turning your lone loss into a fight for this law. And, as I told her when we approached each other just a couple moments ago, this law would not have happened but for her voice and for her energy and her effort. Bonnie thank you. You are going to make everyone a lot safer because of what you've done. The bottom line is this: we want people to boat in our waterways, want them to come here and vacation, enjoy themselves at the shore in every part of our coastline and our inland waters, but we also need to make sure people understand that they have a responsibility when they climb into a boat to make sure that they do things to prevent accidents from happening. And if accidents do happen, that they have a responsibility to help those who may have been significantly injured. And so as we get back into a greater sense of normalcy, not complete normalcy yet, certainly, but a greater sense of normalcy here at the Jersey Shore, we need to make sure that everyone who comes here wants to come back and when they come back that they're safe.

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