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Governor Christie: That's Why They Brought Me In


Location: Unknown

Dr. Dale Whilden: This is not Ocean Grove's boardwalk. This is the Jersey Shore's boardwalk. And we are celebrating the connectivity and the thoroughfare that goes up and down this beautiful coast, and we're here today to honor and acknowledge and thank the one that has really been the backbone of this and that is our honorable Governor, Chris Christie.

Governor Christie: Thank you everybody. Thank you for coming this morning. It's really, really good to be here and given all that we've gone through since October 29th 2012 to be here to officially open the final boardwalk to be reconstructed after Sandy is a great accomplishment for all of you, the people of our state, and especially the people of Ocean Grove thank you for letting me be part of it. This was the hardest one. It took the most jumping up and down and the most yelling and screaming, and that's what they brought me in for, and then they brought in Congressman Smith and Senator Beck for the cool and calm reason that needed to be brought to bear after that, and I mean this was a complete team effort in the federal and state level of the people who represent you. Some things, and all this as we've learned painfully, are difficult to get done, and some things are not just going to be handed to us easily. We have to stand up and we have to make our case and we have to stick with each other. And as we begin the Fourth of July weekend, to be able to have this as the start of our Fourth of July weekend is really a cap on another stage--not the completion, but another stage of our recovery from Hurricane Sandy. So we're going to keep working. We know there are a lot of folks who still need help that we're still getting help to and we'll continue to get help to. It will take years as I said back in October of 2012 for us to fully recover, and when we do it won't be like it used to be. It will be a new normal. But if you look at where we are today in New Jersey compared to the way we felt on October 30th 2012 and the size of the task in front of us together we have all done an extraordinary job and as the people continue to come back to the Jersey Shore by the hundreds of thousands this summer we are going to be really happy that we worked as hard as we did, we worked as united as we did, and we worked as well as we did.

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