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Oberweis Calls for IRS Special Prosecutor

Press Release

Location: Sugar Grove, IL

State Senator Jim Oberweis today called for a special prosecutor to investigate the growing IRS scandal after revelations that key emails allegedly were lost and hard drives destroyed.

Oberweis said last night's House Oversight Committee hearing demonstrated that the IRS has no intention of getting to the bottom of the scandal.

"The patience of the American people is wearing thin," said Oberweis. "There is nothing more abusive to the people than an abusive Internal Revenue Service and this administration has demonstrated it is incapable of getting to the bottom of the scandal."

A growing number of observers have called for a special prosecutor, including the Chicago Tribune and Detroit News.

Oberweis said it is deeply suspicious that IRS officials suddenly announced last week that crucial emails that are the subject of various investigations were said to be missing.

Oberweis called on his opponent Dick Durbin to support the special prosecutor. Durbin was among the Democratic senators who pushed the IRS to target innocent conservative organizations for special scrutiny. He made no such requests to scrutinize liberal organizations.

"Dick Durbin said the IRS scandal was a serious matter and that we should get to the bottom of it. I think he should agree that when crucial evidence turns up missing it is time to call in a special prosecutor," Oberweis said.

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