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Garamendi and Pelosi Vote to Fund High Speed Rail to Nowhere!

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Last week, House Republicans passed H.R. 4745, which will prevent any additional federal spending on the high speed rail in the state of California. The California high speed rail was narrowly approved by California voters in 2008 to spend $10 billion on a then $45 billion statewide high speed rail project. Five years later, the project has yet to break ground and is now estimated to cost more than $68 billion.

Rep. John Garamendi, who wrote the original high speed rail proposal over 20 years ago, joined Former Speaker Nancy Pelosi in voting against the amendment which would prevent the federal government from adding any additional money to the project.

California State Assemblyman Dan Logue, who is challenging Garamendi's Congressional seat in November, supports the House Amendment. "The High Speed Rail proposed today would not be supported by California's voters. Voters were promised that the entire project would cost $45 billion, and unless the High Speed Rail Authority can keep that promise federal funding should be suspended and voters given the opportunity to reevaluate the new spending."

The High Speed Rail Authority (HSRA) expected its original $45 billion with equal parts of funding from Prop 1A bond revenue, the federal government, and private investors, but has been beset by legal challenges and now depends on more than half of its funding from the federal government.

"Our goal should be to create jobs and grow the economy, continuing to fund the high speed rail will put undue and damaging pressure on our state and federal budgets," said Logue.

In addition to the growing costs of the project, it is expected to impact California farmers by the loss of over 3,500 acres of important farmland and a reduction of $34 million in agriculture revenue.

"It is clear that the HSRA does not have a viable funding plan to complete this project. Until the ever-escalating costs of the high speed rail can be managed, we should focus our infrastructure dollars into repairing California's roads, levees, and bridges," said Logue. "A project two decades away with an uncertain completion cannot be allowed to weigh down California's economy. Continuing to support the high speed rail shows my opponent's inability to respond to the real economic crisis facing too many of California's working families."

A former member of the Yuba County Board of Supervisors and three term Member of the Assembly, Dan Logue and his wife Peggy make their home in Yuba County.

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