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Passion for Re-Election or Compassion for the People?


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Are Our Leaders Pre-occupied with Re-election?

As I look back upon the last few months in both Washington and Raleigh, I see status quo all over. Our leaders are so focused on campaigns/fundraising, high-jacking votes not on the first priority-jobs. I find it difficult to believe they are doing very much for the best interest of the citizens. As we look at our local/regional economies I see unemployment on the rise and very little decline in the foreseeable future. Most of the jobs being generated through new policies/incentives are projected over the next 3-5 years not "now" or immediately. There are not enough "new" jobs being generated to cover those lost or new entries into the workforce, those becoming eligible to work, high school graduates and college graduates. Population growth is also increasing with time as these employment figures grow farther and farther apart which also creates a lagging effect on the future employment figures/opportunities. We are not generating new products and manufacturing and/or services to cover the lost jobs or the increased number of eligible workers.

As I suggested on my campaign in 2012, we need new innovations of products and services in order to even put a dent in the high unemployment numbers we are faced with today. As a matter of fact, unemployment figures really have not changed for the better over the last 5-6 years. The figures have worsened. Most individuals that work are working multiple jobs because most jobs being generated are only part-time. Just think about it this way, companies know we are in a critical economic situation and are keeping their operating costs as low as possible. As long as they have part-time workers they are not forced into offering benefits such as health care, paid vacation and retirement. They are looking to increase their bottom lines and profit which means the workers really lose out because now they are forced to find multiple opportunities to provide for their families and pay their bills. Now add in student loans for college graduates that can only find part-time work. It makes it totally impossible to save, buy new/used cars, a home and just survive.

The math just does not work out for the benefit of our citizens if you ask me. Unless things drastically change our nation is ruined and the future looks bleak to those seeking employment , hoping for retirement or seeking second employment as retirement incomes have been exhausted from rising prices/inflation . America is running out of time and options at this point. It's time for all of us to wake up and smell the coffee. If our allegedly leaders don't get this we need to get rid of them "all". Starting over cannot be as bad as no start at all and the sooner we decide to start the better for everyone and the generations to come.

The vision I presented in 2012 to our citizens was a game-plan to fix part of the employment problems we are faced with currently. I predicted unemployment would continue to rise if we did not generate new jobs by way of new products, new services and new concepts from North Carolinians as well as throughout USA. This was reconfirmed by Bank of America's recent announcement of laying-off over 1500 mortgage service representatives and closing 100 of 200 service centers throughout the U.S and relocating them to India. Bank of America is a Global Business; however, they are headquartered in the NC part of the globe. Hint-hint. We could have used the service center in eastern NC.

After all, eastern North Carolinians contributed to the "bailout" too. Along with the other banks they report improved earnings; all we have is increased yearnings for earning---for jobs! I'm still sitting on dozens of valid concepts for new jobs and in between multi-tasking my own work it appears seed money continues to be overshadowed by greed money in view of the increasing foreclosure notices in most local papers. Folks still trying to hang on through modification are given a good dose of programmed confusion and runaround with little to no help from the financial or volunteer sector. This relates to the thousands of jobs that could now be created in renovations/rehabilitations of so many long vacated homes.

If you have any new or better concepts please let me know. Maybe we can get India or China interested. It is evident it's not happening in eastern & rural NC. Compassion is needed from all far more than partisanship. Partisanship does not spend well at our remaining local stores.

Kindest Regards,
Arthur J. Rich

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