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Governor Christie: Continuing What We Started

Press Release

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Governor Christie: We did this by finding common ground and getting things done early and often, starting with Cap 2.0, a hard cap on property taxes that is bringing lasting property tax relief to our families. So today I'm prouder still that Republicans and Democrats have once again come together. This time we're continuing what we started in renewing the bipartisan arbitration cap so that we can continue to rein in the cost of government and stem the property tax crisis on behalf of New Jersey's overburdened taxpayers.

Senate President Sweeney: Governor, thank you for your willingness to compromise on this with the Speaker and myself. I think we have a good product. I think it helps. I think it helps very much by--you can see by all the mayors standing behind us. They needed this tool, and we have a lot more work to do though. But we recognize this was an important start.

Assembly Speaker Prieto: Signing this bill that the Governor just penned today, the winners are the residents of the state of New Jersey, because that assures that we make sure we keep our taxes under control, and that's the goal of us here in Trenton, to work together, and this is how government is supposed to work.

Senate Minority Leader Kean: We're able to come again and say this is the way to have an improved version that not only keeps faith with those individuals who are public servants who do run into harm's way to make our towns and our cities and our boroughs safer but also keeps--allows mayors to better manage their day-to-day activities but also in the end also keeps faith with the property taxpayer who is fighting so hard to stay here in New Jersey.

Assembly Minority Leader Bramnick: Yesterday Governor Christie was at Yankee Stadium. Today is the day we're hitting a home run for the taxpayers, and I can thank you that you didn't hit a home run yesterday but you certainly hit one today in conjunction with the leadership of the state Legislature, so thank you very much.

Mayor Doherty: As a resident I think today is actually a day that we can all be very proud of our state government. The Governor, the leaders in both the Assembly and the Senate, coming together in a bipartisan compromise that's going to benefit all of us. Thank you.

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