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Governor Christie On Being A Father: The Best Thing I Get To Do In My Life


Location: Unknown

Governor Christie: For me today is really recognition for the best thing that I get to do with my life. I get recognized and criticized and praised for all kinds of other things. But the most important thing I get to do every day is to be a father to my four children, and it is the most lasting and important thing that I'll ever do with my life. You hear people say that all the time but until you're really doing it with your life you don't have the capacity to understand what those words mean, but to people in this audience here today to honor us. You know exactly what I mean and especially I think for me now having my life be so public, you owe a special debt of gratitude to your children, because while you're trying to do for them, when your life becomes so public they understand a lot of what your life now means. My 10-year old daughter Bridget capsulizes it very well. She's the one who has spent most of her life, she's ten, with me and Mary Pat being in public life. One day she said to me dad, do you know what my least favorite words in the world are? I was intrigued so I said no Bridget I don't know. She said I hate to interrupt Governor but. I said you know Bridget when people do that they're just trying to be nice. She said I know but if they hate to interrupt why do they? Children bring things down to their most common denominator, and I understand that when your life is like that your children sacrifice a lot for you being their father as well. So for me today the people I want to thank the most for this are not the council or all of you but it's my four children. Who give me the opportunity to be here today, who inspire me, who put up with me and my crazy life. Who give me such a great sense of joy every day of my life with every little thing that they do. Even when they frustrate me, they give me another opportunity to find something within myself to help them become better people. I do want to recognize too I have one representative of my family here today. I think the rest of them are probably silently protesting. They still don't really buy this. But my new favorite child is here today my 18-year old daughter Sarah. Sarah would you please stand up. She's right over there. You have no idea how big this is going to be for you. Absolutely no idea at all. The other three kids are now a distant fourth, fifth, and sixth, even though we only have four children. So I want to thank Sarah for being here, we are incredibly proud of her, she graduated from high school on Sunday and will be becoming a freshmen at the University of Notre Dame in September. So we're thrilled for her. Go Irish. So thank you to all of you for being here, thank you for supporting this really extraordinary organization and the work of save the children, and thank you for this honor today it means a great deal to me.

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