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Joni Ernst Campaign Responds to Liberal Environmentalists' Negative Ad

Press Release

Location: Unknown

In response to the latest attacks by President Obama, Harry Reid, and their liberal environmentalist allies, Joni Ernst spokesman, Gretchen Hamel, made the following statement:

"The people behind this ad are the same Washington liberal extremists trying to force Iowans to submit to a cap and trade energy tax. Joni is standing in their way and that's why they're attacking her. Here are the facts:

As someone who grew up working the land, Joni knows a whole lot more about the importance of protecting the environment than a bunch of liberal activists in Washington. That's why she supports strong state-based environmental protections to protect our land, water and all of Iowa's natural resources.

Joni also knows how important good schools and a quality education are. That's why she wants education standards and policies for Iowa students made here at home, by Iowa's parents and teachers, not by money-wasting bureaucrats in Washington.

Just like Bruce Braley, the people behind this ad believe that Washington bureaucrats know what's best for Iowans more than Iowans do. They believe that a problem can't be solved unless Washington is involved. Joni rejects that entirely. She believes Washington is the problem and that the solution is Iowa values, and that's why she's running for Senate."

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