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A Note on Father's Day


Location: Unknown

First, I want to wish everyone a happy Father's Day. As I hope you are, I am spending some quiet time today reflecting on my father and our relationship. I feel like I have been especially blessed by having Bruce King as my father. As I travel around New Mexico, I get to hear a lot of "Bruce King stories". It seems that everyone has their favorite anecdote about meeting him, and almost all have something to do with his phenomenal memory for names and family history. Many of the stories have to do with his kind and caring nature. Let me tell you one of my own.

In 1978, I traveled all over the State with my father while he was campaigning for his second term as Governor. One day I was delivering him to a live television debate and we were cutting it very close, time-wise. I was worried that we would not have him in his seat and prepared for the start of the broadcast. As we were walking into the venue we passed a gardener on his hands and knees planting flowers. My father stopped to visit with the gardener and ask how he and his family were doing. I said, "Dad! We are going to be late for the show!" He told me that they wouldn't start without him and that he had time to see how his friend was doing. I knew already, but it struck me then, that Bruce King really cared about how New Mexicans were doing and that he felt that everyone's welfare was as important, or more so, than his own political aspirations. I take this lesson seriously.

Last night, I got a chance to hear Congressman Ben Ray Lujan talk about how much he noticed that he had adopted many of his father's mannerisms. It was heartwarming, and I have also noted that I walk, and sit and sometimes talk like my dad. I am glad that I also learned from my father that every person is due our respect and compassion, and that we should all truly adhere to the Golden Rule.

I hope you have a chance to spend quality time with your father today, or if they are no longer with us here, that you have fond memories to consider today. I have added a photo of most of our family, including my mother and father from a big family reunion we had a few years back. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful family and I want to thank them for supporting me in my efforts to bring a bit of Bruce King style back to our State. I want to ask you for your help to make this happen too. Once again, I wish you a happy Father's Day.

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