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EPA Rules Devastating to West VIrginia


Location: Parkersburg, WV

"The new EPA rules will have a devastating impact on West Virginia's coal industry, our power companies, and our entire economy. I am totally opposed to these rules and if elected to Congress I will fight against them through all available means. With this action - the EPA has effectively pulled the plug on West Virginia's economy.

"If these rules are allowed to stand - then the House of Representatives had better act fast to extend and increase unemployment benefits because West Virginia is going to need them. David McKinley has been part of the dysfunction in Congress and voted consistently against such benefits and against numerous job creation plans that would help West Virginias who are looking for work.

"President Obama is just wrong on this issue. Ninety-five percent of the energy produced in West Virginia comes from coal. Expecting our economy to be able to absorb that kind of loss is about is wrong headed as David McKinley soliciting mine safety advice from Don Blankenship. We need some West Virginia common sense leadership in Washington and we need it fast."

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