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Statement from Governor Mark Dayton on Medtronic


Location: St. Paul, MN

The following is a statement from Governor Dayton:

"Medtronic's Chairman and CEO, Mr. Omar Ishrak, informed me last night of his company's plans to acquire an Irish company. As Governor of Minnesota, my primary concerns were this merger's effects on the Minnesotans currently working at Medtronic, and its implications for the company's continued growth here.

"During my conversation with Mr. Ishrak and in further discussions today between senior State and Medtronic officials, we were assured that the company intends to keep its operational headquarters here in Minnesota and that no jobs will be lost here due to this transaction. Company officials also told us that Medtronic intends to create over 1,000 new medical technology-related jobs in Minnesota during the next five years, in corporate management, research and development, engineering, and manufacturing. That is tremendous news for Minnesota and evidences the company's continued commitment to our state.

"Medtronic was founded here 65 years ago by two visionary Minnesotans. They and thousands of dedicated Minnesota employees have built the enterprise into a global leader in medical technology, which has also been an exemplary corporate citizen in our state. I am greatly reassured by Medtronic's assurances that their commitments to their Minnesota headquarters and their Minnesota employees will continue to grow in the years ahead."

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