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Governor Christie: There Is Promise In This City

Press Release

Location: Unknown

Mayor Redd: It has been this Governor that has stood shoulder to shoulder with me and with the residents of our city through the congress of resident faith based and community based organizations to launch a new public safety paradigm which has put more police on our streets, patrolling our neighborhoods, and patrolling our business quarters, and certainly making our city a safer place to live, work, and raise a family. It has been this Governor that has worked along with our state senator that signed into law the Economic Opportunity Act of 2013, which will lead to great announcements starting with tomorrow happening here in the city of Camden, and we are so fortunate to have him with us. It is also this Governor who believes in the young people of our city. This morning we have spent time visiting with our first graders and hearing their thoughts and their aspirations and goals for the city of Camden, but also meeting with the students here at Camden High School, and they too are seeing the possibilities of what can happen when we transform public education and create the pipeline to success, for we certainly recognize that they are the future leaders of the city of Camden.

Governor Christie: I said to the high school students today, the efforts that we're making both on the public safety front, on the job front, and on the education front, is going to make history in this city. I'm confident of it. I told them they have the opportunity to be part of history, and that's a really great opportunity. One of the people who I know is going to be part of history in making the school system a better place in partnership with the community is the superintendent of schools. I have great confidence in him. I think he's gotten off to a great start here. There are always difficult decisions to be made and difficult tasks to be accomplished, but no one had known it was easy when we hired him and he has approached it in a way that is inclusive of the community, wanting to make sure that while everyone won't always agree, everyone has a voice in the process, can be heard, and have their views considered, and ultimately he will make the decisions along with the advisory board that need to be made in order to make Camden a school system that everyone, no matter which school you go to in this system, can be proud of.

Paymon Rouhanifard: There is an obligation, not just for us to renovate Camden High, but to rethink Camden City school district, and I have faith that we can get there. Our district can be great again, but it's going to take everyone on this stage and everyone in this room and everyone in our schools and everyone in this community to make that happen.

Andrew Stevens: Earlier this year I became Camden's--Camden High's first heavyweight state champion. I think I've shown what Camden is capable of. Despite all the challenges we face, we can overcome anything that is put in front of us, no matter the obstacles, no matter the problem, no matter the conflict, none of that. We can do it. I believe in us.

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